Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4TH!!!

     I am writing this as the boys in the house sleep. We have been to the parade. Later on we will go grab some dinner and, watch the fireworks. However, what this day is REALLY about has already been seen. This morning as the parade started a color guard marched past us carrying an American flag. I stood with my Husband and, two candy anxious children with our hands over our hearts in salute of our flag. I am SO very thankful that we are a free country. I am grateful that I and, my family are free worship, work, and have opinions, any way we please. I am even more grateful to all the brave men and, women who helped make our country free. Finally, I am thankful to the strong soldiers who keep our nation all that is today.
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! May we ever be a Free nation!
The Flight Crew

Monday, July 2, 2012

M is Home!!!

     Last Wednesday, the phone call finally came that M was on his way home!!! The boys and, I cleaned the whole house top to bottom. I then proceeded, to make sure I looked as awesome as possible before, we left to go to Devil's basketball game. As we're sitting at the b-ball game, I got a text from M "I missed the connecting flight and won't be home tonight. I'm really sorry." 
    Somehow, the plane from San Antonio to Phoenix had been just barely late enough that, M missed his connecting flight. It was TOTALLY the airports fault and, we were both really mad. He immediately booked a flight for first thing the next morning and, made it home at 10:20 am! It was SO great to see him!!!
Our first photo together at the airport
First time P saw Daddy in Four months
On our way to get some lunch

      M has been up at 6 am everyday since he's been home. He works out then, once the boys are up at 7:30 he makes them breakfast. The rest of the day has been filled with job and, house hunting. By about 7 pm he's ready to crash. I'm really SO impressed by his new sense of leadership and, determination.

Here are just a few souvenirs that he brought home with him.
Photos of him in his blues that we bought in anticipation for graduation.

His glasses which really look awesome on him!!

another photo he had of him in his camo!
    The boys and I are REALLY happy to have him home. I know that as long as he stays motivated we'll be back at BMT and successfully graduate! Let the PT begin!!! (muahahaha)