Sunday, April 29, 2012


      Just finished a 15 minute phone call with M! He sounded so excited today.  We talked about a few minor things like parts of letters that didn't make sense.We also talked about potential bases for after tech school. M also informed me that I'm in charge of our first Town pass day (time off of base). So if anybody has fun ideas of what to do in Texas for 7 hours please let me know.
      Ready for some big news? M has glasses. Yes you saw that right I said glasses as in two pairs. One pair is lovingly know as BCG's (Birth Control Glasses) and the other is a civilian pair (normal looking). It will be very interesting to see Him in a few weeks because I've never really seen him with glasses. I'm sure he's still handsome though :) He is all packed and ready to head to BEAST week tomorrow morning. He must have a really awesome MTI cause they even gave the group tips on how to pack everything in their duffel bags.  I just know they are going to do great! Go M! SLAY THE BEAST!!!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 Pages!!!

      We received 3 LONG pages from M today!!! He sounds like he is doing awesome! He is REALLY happy that I changed my name. M and his FLT totally rocked the obstacle course. He said the gas chamber was worse the second time. M has really grown to love Sundays and time at church. "I get to relax and think about all the blessings I have and all that is in store for us" I'm so glad that he is growing both in strength and spirit as he is at BMT. (I'm going to get one heck of a man out of this)
      He is doing alot better at drill. M says lots of guys look to him for guidance out on the pad (where they practice). He is up to 32 sit ups (as of the 17th) and only needs to be able to do 42. So, he is doing awesome at PT. (Thank goodness) M is really missing the boys though " Give the boys my love, let them know that Daddy wishes he could read them stories and hug them goodnight" hopefully the pictures I sent will help. Also I found out he was on KP duty (kitchen) last Sunday that's why he didn't call. Funny thing is all of the chores he hates doing at home he has been assigned to at BMT. Maybe it will pay off somehow. He is VERY excited for BEAST week which starts on Monday! :) 
We love you M! GO SLAY THE BEAST!!!
Q and P rockin their new shirts


Friday, April 27, 2012

National Infertility Week

     You might be saying what on earth do you possibly know about this? The answer however, is lots. We as a family actually know two families that live with infertility. One family is currently on the road to overcoming this hurdle. We pray continuously for this pregnancy to be successful .We pray for this new Mommy and the babies (That's right twin boys) to be healthy and, safe. Another family is still (like countless others) trying to find the answer.
     The second family hits VERY close to home cause, this woman is my best friend. My amazing BFF who is smart, beautiful, talented, funny, and extremely WONDERFUL with children (especially mine)! I love her so much. I would do anything to take this pain and, emptiness from her. (As would her handsome hubby)
     I feel guilty every time I discuss my kiddos, I felt HORRIBLY guilty when I found out I was pregnant. Especially, the second time when I struggled to accept the pregnancy that, she so desperately wanted.  I do know though, that in time (which seems way too far away and, EXTREMELY unfair)  God will answer her prayers and the prayers in her behalf.
     Until, then I ask that you take a moment to offer a prayer for my BFF and all the other women that struggle with infertility. Then, watch this video. I know that many women struggle with these same feelings and, thoughts. Above all else I wish we could all remember that every woman is a strong, beautiful, and talented woman with the ability to conquer anything!

Thanks, Keiko Zow for bringing attention to this and making this awesome video
Also Thanks, to Sabers, Spurs and a Pink Stetson for posting this. (hope you don't mind I'm borrowing it)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can breathe again!

     I finally, got a wonderful 20 minute call from M today! I seriously haven't stopped smiling. He passed his PT test (which we were both worried about) and, has moved on to. I can't believe that we're literally on the last few weeks of BMT. He is excited to start picking our choices for the first base assignment. Surprisingly, enough he wants to stay close to home. I however, (nothing personal) am totally ready to get out of this state and start seeing the rest of the country.
     Also, M mentioned that he has another letter ready to mail (means another blog post soon). He loved the pictures of the boys. Really, beyond that we didn't talk about much. It was SO very good to hear his voice and, to know that everything is moving ahead as planned. We did talk about one funny thing (well I guess it depends on who you ask) he fell out of bed last night. Now, of course he hurts every time he has to run or go up and down stairs. We both were laughing about it though, so I'm sure he'll be fine. Plus, it's like he said there's really only two weeks left no point of going to med hold now. I'm just glad he sounded so positive! Only a few weeks left now!!

Graduation T-shirts

I finished our shirts and I think they look AWESOME! Mine is almost exactly like the boys except it says My Husband instead. :D  Let me know what you think....

Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter but no call

    Yesterday, I waited patiently (by about 6pm very anxiously) for a phone call from M. He never called :(. I'm trying to stay positive and remember that "no news is good news". It is very hard however, I'm not the only one who didn't receive a call. A few other women said "because calls were so long the weekend before, we might not get a phone call this week." Hopefully, this is the case but, that doesn't stop me from staring at the phone and praying his name shows up on the caller id. 
    On a happy note I got a wonderful letter in the mail today! He sounds really positive. He mentions that they finally got to watch General Conference which, he of course loved. M is starting to sound really excited for my trip to Texas cause he asked alot of questions about it. This past week he helped take a guy to the infirmary, they had another road run, and he continues to work hard on improving his sit ups. Hubby also says thanks for all the letters they're helping him make it through the weeks. 
    Oddly, enough he ends his letter this week with his catch phrase "Just let it happen". Somehow from a billion miles away he still manages to sneak in that phrase on the one day I don't want to hear it :) I guess some things will never change. Perhaps, I should learn how to follow his advice until, then I'll continue to wait by the phone. 

Don't forget to enter the drawing while you're here :) :) I hope you win!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


     I received a comment a little while ago that I was quite sure what to do with. It was from a guy named Gary who is the founder of a company called Black Rhino Extreme. This is an organization that helps bring support to "the cause" where it is needed and to those who need it most. This of course includes our Military, Fire rescue, Police Officers and so many more. Black Rhino bracelets can be used to help remember those that risk everything and put it all on the line. Some wear the bracelets as memorial reminders; So after checking out this awesome site I have decided to do my very first giveaway!! Are you excited?
 In order to win an Extreme bracelet you need to do 3 easy things
A) Leave a comment explaining why you or someone in your crew should be the winner, 
B) Pick out which bracelet you want. (Be sure to include this info in your comment)
C) Click Join our Crew on the left side of the page and become one of our wonderful followers.
     Then, on May 10th (one day before the Milspouse blog hop party) I will pick two lucky people to be the winners. What are you still reading for? Fly over to the Black Rhino Extreme page pick out which awesome bracelet you want and, do the ABC's so you can be the winner!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Irony of Life

Last night I on facebook to discover one of my new favorite things:
My Hubby as a Soldier!!
He is of course the one wearing the BRIGHT GREEN vest. :)

There he is again right up front (next time somebody tell him to smile)

Ready to shoot something
We are SO very excited for these glimpses into BMT. P and I can't seem to stop looking at them. I am also thankful that our boys finally have a way to reference and understand some of what Daddy is working so hard for everyday.
Ironically enough last night just before I found these new handsome pictures I had been printing some of our pictures to send to M. Now we both have pictures (or at least he will once the mail arrives). Hope you're having a great day. It may be rainy outside but our home is certainly happy today!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Friends

     Before, M left for BMT people would say things like "oh he's going to have so many new best friends" and I would smile while quietly thinking "yeah but, what about me"? Then, I found a WONDERFUL group called AF Wingmom's on facebook. They have set up discussion groups for each different flight group. If you're new to the Air Force and your loved one is at BMT please please PLEASE go join Wingmom's and your discussion group. You won't regret it. This chat group has become my connection to M and all things BMT. We laugh together, we cry together, we share phone calls and letters, but most importantly we support each other. I have made a few really great connections.
    This is another reason I was so upset that M got recycled is because, I knew I would have to leave my friends. Like I mentioned before though, he was not the only one that got recycled. Somehow I got really SUPER lucky and one of my new best friend's son also got recycled. AB Chess (No that is not his real name) got recycled too. I feel really bad that it happened to them. I cried for her too that day however, I am so EXTREMELY grateful that this woman gets to stay by my side through all of this. Yesterday, we were messaging back and forth on facebook like usual, when she said here's my number call anytime. I thought well "Hey I'm gonna call you right now."
    When she answered I heard the cutest thickest accent I have ever heard. If I didn't already loved her to death now, I really did. We talked back and forth sharing stories about our AB's and, how both men felt about these changes. Really, though we just tried to lift each others spirits about this whole process.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt we were recycled together for a reason. Part of that reason is so she and I would become friends. I'm sure she and I  will talk many more times before graduation. I hope that after graduation we'll continue to talk and share our experiences. I am grateful for my new friend and, can't wait til graduation to meet her in person. I can't wait to hug her and, tell her just how much she has meant to me along this journey. She is my "wingman" for sure.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now you know

Dear Crew
     A, B, C, D, E, F G, Now you know more about our family... (did you sing it with me?) We have made it through all 26 letters! (Some were probably a little more informative than others.) What was your favorite letter? Now that we're all done, we're back to normal posts about holidays, fun times together, and of course experiences along our journey as a military family. Is there more you wish you knew about us? (do you wish you knew less?)  For now, the only definite series of posts I have planned is the Basics of Basic but, I'm sure before long I'll have another series for the days when nothing of importance happens.
Ground Control
P.S. Be sure to join me on May 11th when I participate in my first ever Milspouse Blog Hop thanks to Riding the Roller Coaster it's going to be awesome.

Monday, April 9, 2012

From 3 to 5

My Easter gift from hubby yesterday was horrible. He called about 2pm to inform me that he had been recycled. Easiest way to explain it is M failed a portion of BMT and, now he has to repeat it. He now has two extra weeks of training. Yesterday, we would have only had 3 weeks left instead, we now have 5 weeks.
I am extremely disappointed especially, because I now have to rearrange my already scheduled flight. M is of course disappointed however, he said he feels like it was for the best. I have since learned he is not the only one that got recycled on Friday. Three other guys from his group were recycled as well.
I have lots of faith that my husband can do this. He is still extremely motivated and, I'm sure that he'll conquer BMT in no time.

Happy Easter!

     On Saturday we went to an egg hunt. Because, P and Q were on separate fields Aunt Pepper came to help.  Here they are anxiously waiting for the firetruck to say go.

     After the egg hunt was over we came home to play outside. There was still a little bit of snow left so, they of course had a snow fight.

     Sunday morning the Easter bunny had left us an egg hunt of our own.

      P was very excited to see the eggs all around the house. Q however, was much more interested in gobbling up all the candy as fast as possible.

     The boys stared around the room for a bit before they noticed there were baskets too. They both got some awesome looking suits for church, a couple of  movies and of course more candy.

     After oohing and aahing over how great they would look in their suits they set out to find the eggs.

      By the time there were about ten eggs left Q had finally, eaten enough candy to be motivated enough for egg hunting. I think he found maybe three or four.

     I would say this is by far P's favorite holiday, after all it involves hide & seek and, lots of running. What more does a boy need? Looking at the pictures I'd say the Easter bunny over did it just a bit maybe, less candy and more church clothes next year.

     I told you the suits were awesome! Not sure if you can tell but P's is purple and Q's is blue. Don't they look handsome for church?
     We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter. We are so grateful for the real reason of  Easter, Our Savior Jesus Christ and for his resurrection. We feel so blessed to know that because of all He did for us we can be a family and live together again some day. 
From the Flight Crew

Friday, April 6, 2012

I love mail!

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find three envelopes from M. Two were letters and, the third were the guest passes to get on base. The first letter was from quite awhile ago. It was written before he'd even gotten a chance to call home. He talked about having laundry duty and, how he enjoys it because it gives him some time alone to think. He said he was a little sick but, I already know not to worry cause he sounds much better now.
The second letter is much more recent though. M talks about how much he loves getting letters because, they keep him motivated. (Thank you everyone who writes to him) He said the best part of BMT is the road run. The worst is that he's not getting enough sleep. The hardest part for him is during class when he has to fight to stay awake. Finally, M said the letters from the boys were awesome even though they made him cry. (That was secretly my goal)
After reading both of the letters a few times I opened the base passes and, checked them out. They don't look anything like what I expected. I thought they'd look more like movie tickets. Instead, they are big sheets of paper that have our names and, dates printed on them. Along with a little bit of M's info so they know that he is our sponsor.
I love when he writes home. It makes me feel like I can last just a little bit longer. Now, that my trip is booked and, we have the guest passes graduation feels VERY close. I'm so very excited only 28 more days til I get to see my hubby! Also rumor has it we should get two phone calls this weekend because it's a holiday. We'll see if it really happens though.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The letter Z

      We are very Zealous about the outdoors. The less time we spend inside it seems the better. While, we were dating M and I spent alot of our time walking around town or hiking up the mountain.When P was a baby we used to go for a walk every night. It was a way for us to talk well still being able to be active. This fall, when we moved back to Ephraim (our college town) we went for lots of walks around town. We also did a few hikes up the mountain. With M gone the boys and I tend to go to the park or play in the backyard a lot.I have simply found that the fresh air and sunshine helps me to feel better. I have also learned that if the boys get to play and be crazy outside then, they sleep better at night and my house stays clean during the day.
      The days that we stay inside too much I tend to feel like my house is a Zoo. I'm sure it looks like one too. The boys will have a billion blankets and toys spread out through the living room. For some reason, they also believe if they're not outside they don't need clothes on. So of course their clothes that should be on their bodies are laying somewhere in the house. Then, as any mom of small boys knows there is constant noise. Everything they do must be accompanied by a sound effect. I love my kiddos but inside days certainly make me feel like a zoo keeper to wild animals.
     We like Zucchini a lot at our house. I make zucchini bread, zucchini cookies (with chocolate chips of course), it also tends to go in our stir fry. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of recipes with it but if you saw the quantities of such things being made you would understand. Hopefully, when we move on base we can have a garden; so, that we can start to grow more yummy veggies at our house instead of having to buy them like we do now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Changing my name

After almost five years of marriage I decided it's probably time to finally, change my last name. (It's a long story just know that I'm justified in not having done it yet.) On Tuesday the boys and I headed to the social security office to change everything. We got there and, waited for our number to be called only to find out I needed the original of my marriage license. Which as luck would have it is in Texas with M (for all the dependent paperwork). Then, we proceeded to the health department that was all of ten minutes away (YAY!) to get an official copy. After which, we went back to the social securities office to finish what we'd started. Once, things were settled there we drove to Farmington to change the name on my drivers license. The boys and, I went in filled out the proper forms. Then, waited again for our number to be called. Well of course me not being used to the new last name signed the papers wrong; which, meant they printed the wrong name on the new card. So, we had to do the process a second time. This time thankfully resulted in the right name.
The poor kiddos were of course totally bored and, frustrated by how much waiting around they had to do that day. I'm gratefully for two angel Grandma's at both locations who helped me entertain them. The first lady chatted with them about different letters and, pictures around the room. The second lady is probably P's new best friend cause she sat and, showed him various pictures of Buzz Lightyear and, Mickey Mouse. Then, she pulled out a measuring tape from her purse and, assisted him in measuring various things around us. All of which measured out to 29 according to P. I don't know these women or their names but I feel SO very blessed that they took time out of what they were doing to bless my children's lives. Don't worry I rewarded my awesome boys with a trip to the park at the end of  all this.
(Oh yeah and don't forget the name change is a surprise for M so SHHHHH don't tell.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The letter Y

     I hate Yogurt. I'm not sure if it's a texture thing or what. It literally makes me gag to eat it. I do know that it doesn't help that somebody once told me it's bacteria or something like that. The boys love it. M seems to like it too. So for their sakes I buy it but truthfully I'll eat almost anything else in the house before I eat the yogurt. 
     M is almost the Youngest in his family. With 15 other siblings you might think it doesn't matter but, that is quite to the contrary. In fact it almost matters more. It determines a lot of who he is close to, who he has memories of, and who we tend to spend more time with. We spend a lot of time with D because they look almost like twins. We love seeing N and, her family. Especially, since they have two boys just like us. M's real buddy however was L. If, you look at pictures M and L can often be found playing around or, working together side by side. From what I've heard L was goofy another reason that he and, hubby got along so well. I have never met this brother that he loves so much. Just like M his brother L is a soldier. L went to fight in Afghanistan during 2006 and, didn't come home. He is part of the reason that M wanted to be a soldier. L is also the reason we all worry secretly about M being one. I'm grateful for all the memories this family has of each other. Also, How through the sharing of memories I get to learn more about those in the family who have already moved on to the other side. I hope when I meet L that he and, I get along. I'm also excited for the day when M and, L can embrace each other again. I do pray however that it's not too soon. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The letter X

      P is a Xanthochroid. Now, before you go telling me that's not a word Google it. It means someone with light-colored hair and fair complexion. Granted I'm not quite sure that he is what they had in mind when the word was created but, for the sake of this post it will have to do. He is very fair skinned. In fact, both kiddos are thanks to me. We don't go out without sunscreen (in case you were curious). P however is the only one with blonde hair. Either way he's a good looking healthy normal boy.
      I was surprised to learn how much P know about the letter X. He saw the picture for today's post and said "is that an X Mommy?" To which I replied yes it is. Then, he said "look it's an x-ray of a heart." I'm impressed that he not only recognized the letter but that he also knows what an X-ray is. Between Sesame Street and me he must be actually learning something.
     (Warning for the next x word in this post I'll be cheating. However, you would cheat too if you saw the list of words that start with X. Trust me when I say nothing about a xylophone describes us. Besides I'm the author which means I can take some liberties right? Ok so continue on happily please and just pretend with me.)
     We are very eXcited right now. Not only do we only have 32 days til we get to see M but, we're also really excited for all the upcoming changes.  By the beginning of May, we will know for sure where our first base is. (which means house shopping and moving. YAY!) I'm hoping that it's in Mississippi simply because that is where tech school is for M. This would mean we could move and be with him sooner. Plus, that would mean we're close to the ocean. How cool of a swimming pool is that? I will however, be happy where ever we are assigned. (And to have my husband back home. Where ever that happens to be.) We are also excited simply because, for the first time in our married life ever we have a consistent job that pays great. We finally don't have to worry about how we're going to pay our bills or, feed our kids. This is such an amazing blessing especially in this economy. We feel so very blessed to have this opportunity. The best part is that so far M loves it.