Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The letter Y

     I hate Yogurt. I'm not sure if it's a texture thing or what. It literally makes me gag to eat it. I do know that it doesn't help that somebody once told me it's bacteria or something like that. The boys love it. M seems to like it too. So for their sakes I buy it but truthfully I'll eat almost anything else in the house before I eat the yogurt. 
     M is almost the Youngest in his family. With 15 other siblings you might think it doesn't matter but, that is quite to the contrary. In fact it almost matters more. It determines a lot of who he is close to, who he has memories of, and who we tend to spend more time with. We spend a lot of time with D because they look almost like twins. We love seeing N and, her family. Especially, since they have two boys just like us. M's real buddy however was L. If, you look at pictures M and L can often be found playing around or, working together side by side. From what I've heard L was goofy another reason that he and, hubby got along so well. I have never met this brother that he loves so much. Just like M his brother L is a soldier. L went to fight in Afghanistan during 2006 and, didn't come home. He is part of the reason that M wanted to be a soldier. L is also the reason we all worry secretly about M being one. I'm grateful for all the memories this family has of each other. Also, How through the sharing of memories I get to learn more about those in the family who have already moved on to the other side. I hope when I meet L that he and, I get along. I'm also excited for the day when M and, L can embrace each other again. I do pray however that it's not too soon. 

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