Sunday, April 29, 2012


      Just finished a 15 minute phone call with M! He sounded so excited today.  We talked about a few minor things like parts of letters that didn't make sense.We also talked about potential bases for after tech school. M also informed me that I'm in charge of our first Town pass day (time off of base). So if anybody has fun ideas of what to do in Texas for 7 hours please let me know.
      Ready for some big news? M has glasses. Yes you saw that right I said glasses as in two pairs. One pair is lovingly know as BCG's (Birth Control Glasses) and the other is a civilian pair (normal looking). It will be very interesting to see Him in a few weeks because I've never really seen him with glasses. I'm sure he's still handsome though :) He is all packed and ready to head to BEAST week tomorrow morning. He must have a really awesome MTI cause they even gave the group tips on how to pack everything in their duffel bags.  I just know they are going to do great! Go M! SLAY THE BEAST!!!



  1. I remember seeing Daniel in BCGs for the first time. lol They are quite something! They are actually kind of hipster chic though which I find even more hilarious. Those calls are the best! Honestly, he will be so happy to do anything at all those 7 hours that you will look amazing no matter what. I'm always down for some local grub.

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