Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Friends

     Before, M left for BMT people would say things like "oh he's going to have so many new best friends" and I would smile while quietly thinking "yeah but, what about me"? Then, I found a WONDERFUL group called AF Wingmom's on facebook. They have set up discussion groups for each different flight group. If you're new to the Air Force and your loved one is at BMT please please PLEASE go join Wingmom's and your discussion group. You won't regret it. This chat group has become my connection to M and all things BMT. We laugh together, we cry together, we share phone calls and letters, but most importantly we support each other. I have made a few really great connections.
    This is another reason I was so upset that M got recycled is because, I knew I would have to leave my friends. Like I mentioned before though, he was not the only one that got recycled. Somehow I got really SUPER lucky and one of my new best friend's son also got recycled. AB Chess (No that is not his real name) got recycled too. I feel really bad that it happened to them. I cried for her too that day however, I am so EXTREMELY grateful that this woman gets to stay by my side through all of this. Yesterday, we were messaging back and forth on facebook like usual, when she said here's my number call anytime. I thought well "Hey I'm gonna call you right now."
    When she answered I heard the cutest thickest accent I have ever heard. If I didn't already loved her to death now, I really did. We talked back and forth sharing stories about our AB's and, how both men felt about these changes. Really, though we just tried to lift each others spirits about this whole process.  I can say without a shadow of a doubt we were recycled together for a reason. Part of that reason is so she and I would become friends. I'm sure she and I  will talk many more times before graduation. I hope that after graduation we'll continue to talk and share our experiences. I am grateful for my new friend and, can't wait til graduation to meet her in person. I can't wait to hug her and, tell her just how much she has meant to me along this journey. She is my "wingman" for sure.

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