Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I can breathe again!

     I finally, got a wonderful 20 minute call from M today! I seriously haven't stopped smiling. He passed his PT test (which we were both worried about) and, has moved on to. I can't believe that we're literally on the last few weeks of BMT. He is excited to start picking our choices for the first base assignment. Surprisingly, enough he wants to stay close to home. I however, (nothing personal) am totally ready to get out of this state and start seeing the rest of the country.
     Also, M mentioned that he has another letter ready to mail (means another blog post soon). He loved the pictures of the boys. Really, beyond that we didn't talk about much. It was SO very good to hear his voice and, to know that everything is moving ahead as planned. We did talk about one funny thing (well I guess it depends on who you ask) he fell out of bed last night. Now, of course he hurts every time he has to run or go up and down stairs. We both were laughing about it though, so I'm sure he'll be fine. Plus, it's like he said there's really only two weeks left no point of going to med hold now. I'm just glad he sounded so positive! Only a few weeks left now!!

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