Monday, April 9, 2012

From 3 to 5

My Easter gift from hubby yesterday was horrible. He called about 2pm to inform me that he had been recycled. Easiest way to explain it is M failed a portion of BMT and, now he has to repeat it. He now has two extra weeks of training. Yesterday, we would have only had 3 weeks left instead, we now have 5 weeks.
I am extremely disappointed especially, because I now have to rearrange my already scheduled flight. M is of course disappointed however, he said he feels like it was for the best. I have since learned he is not the only one that got recycled on Friday. Three other guys from his group were recycled as well.
I have lots of faith that my husband can do this. He is still extremely motivated and, I'm sure that he'll conquer BMT in no time.

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