Sunday, April 1, 2012

The letter X

      P is a Xanthochroid. Now, before you go telling me that's not a word Google it. It means someone with light-colored hair and fair complexion. Granted I'm not quite sure that he is what they had in mind when the word was created but, for the sake of this post it will have to do. He is very fair skinned. In fact, both kiddos are thanks to me. We don't go out without sunscreen (in case you were curious). P however is the only one with blonde hair. Either way he's a good looking healthy normal boy.
      I was surprised to learn how much P know about the letter X. He saw the picture for today's post and said "is that an X Mommy?" To which I replied yes it is. Then, he said "look it's an x-ray of a heart." I'm impressed that he not only recognized the letter but that he also knows what an X-ray is. Between Sesame Street and me he must be actually learning something.
     (Warning for the next x word in this post I'll be cheating. However, you would cheat too if you saw the list of words that start with X. Trust me when I say nothing about a xylophone describes us. Besides I'm the author which means I can take some liberties right? Ok so continue on happily please and just pretend with me.)
     We are very eXcited right now. Not only do we only have 32 days til we get to see M but, we're also really excited for all the upcoming changes.  By the beginning of May, we will know for sure where our first base is. (which means house shopping and moving. YAY!) I'm hoping that it's in Mississippi simply because that is where tech school is for M. This would mean we could move and be with him sooner. Plus, that would mean we're close to the ocean. How cool of a swimming pool is that? I will however, be happy where ever we are assigned. (And to have my husband back home. Where ever that happens to be.) We are also excited simply because, for the first time in our married life ever we have a consistent job that pays great. We finally don't have to worry about how we're going to pay our bills or, feed our kids. This is such an amazing blessing especially in this economy. We feel so very blessed to have this opportunity. The best part is that so far M loves it.

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