Monday, January 30, 2012

The letter D

       We like most families have a Daily routine. It is probably not the best but, it works for us. Besides, I'm sure it will evolve over time as things change.

        We don't drink strong drinks at our house unless you count Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew. If you do then, we drink alot and far too often. However, for those who say that we are grinches (because I don't put up the christmas tree or listen to christmas music at all til DEC 1st!) I say you are wrong we celebrate it year round with our red and green cans and outfits. Yes we are that extremist that we have shirts and pajama pants with our drink of choices logo on them
       My kiddos have the cutest Dimpled smiles ever. I'm sure you're sick of hearing how great I think my boys are but they are just too dang cute. Sorry (kinda)
        Finally Dancing, I love music I can't dance worth anything though. M is a great dancer and, thankfully both P and, Q got blessed with his moves. Most of the time there is music on at our house and I love to watch the three of them groove to the beat. Especially, sneaky Q cause he gets this crazy look on his face while he dances. If, you drive by and, see them rockin' it now you know why. It's cause "they've got rhythm."


The letter C

      I'm sorry but the picture was just too tempting I couldn't help it. Anyways on to the letter of the day.
Right now both boys are really big into Coloring. From the second the wake up that is all I hear about is which crayon they want to use.
      We are Crazy but then again what family isn't. In fact I recently found one of my first crafts that I want to do it's an etching that says "Remember as far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family"
      Whether it be how to stretch a dollar or decorate a room all four of us are quite Creative. I love to do different craft projects. For all of the kids birthdays I have decorated a cake for them. Some projects have turned out great others not so much. The fun comes from working on and completing them. The boys have creative imaginations just spend a few minutes in the car with them and you'll know it. (After all zebras live in Ephraim right?) 
       Three things that we can't seem to get rid of at our house is Candy, Meat (Carnivores) and Cheese. We love junk food and treats probably too much. We tend to have something with meat in it for almost every meal and, every time I open the cheese we each have to have a slice before it can be put away again. 
       The final C thing that describes our family is Church going. Now we're not perfect in fact we are a long ways from it. We do however try to attend our church meetings and the temple as much as possible. The boys look forward to Sunday cause they get to go to church and see all of their friends. I love it because I get a break from them and some adult conversation. Not to mention it seems like every ward we have been in so far is just so awesome. Hopefully they feel the same about us.


Dear Crew,
We apologize for the delay in our regularly scheduled posts. Don't fear we are finally back home from our weekend birthday adventure for M. We had lots of fun. Saw lots of friends and family. Ate lots of yummy food. Now he's back to work and I'm home doing some cleaning. So to continue on with our ABC's ....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The letter B

        One word that obviously describes our family is Boys. We have two, and sometimes I feel like I'm married to one. Everywhere I look is boy stuff. Growing up I didn't have any brothers for a really long time. So, all of this dirt and noise is still kinda new to me but it is so much fun! Maybe someday we'll have a pink one but as for now there is lots of Blue at our house. 
       We do lots of  Baking. Whether it be dinner or a treat it seems the oven is on at least once a day. The favorite tends to be peanut butter cookies. The best part is that we are both good cooks and this passion appears to be rubbing off on the kiddos.
       I'm pretty much always Barefoot. If I have to go somewhere I wear flip flops. I hate when it finally snows enough that I have to wear real shoes to go anywhere. At home pretty much no shoes or flip flops ever. I'm not sure why it's just my favorite way to be.
           We are so very Blessed. We have friends who struggle with health problems and I've read lots of blog stories about children with health issues. I'm so grateful that we are all healthy and happy. We deal with minor colds and sore throats but really we are pretty much healthy. Both of our cars currently work (knock on wood), we have a warm comfy home to live in, food on the table and a job to pay the bills. This has not always been the case but I'm so very glad that we have these blessings for the moment.
        I have  Blue eyes and so does Stormin P. I'm not so sure about mine but I do know that P has gorgeous blue eyes. I love being able to stare at him and determine his mood depending on how blue they are. The best is when he is excited cause they are as blue as the sky. He's got eyes that the all the little chickies are going to love someday. 
         M and Q are the Brainy ones in the family. M is smart at anything he tries. Q says words most babies don't even think about.He is just like daddy the way he catches on to things so very quickly. Q was fast to learn how to walk and talk. The most impressive is now that big brother is potty trained (YAY) Q is already showing interest. Who knows maybe soon we'll be all done buying diapers at our house.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The lettter A

     We are very adaptable all of our moves have been last minute spur of the moment type of things. That is probably why air force life is going to work so well for us because we do everything last minute and rarely have a plan.
     M can be very abrasive. He is one of those people that seems to be born without a filter. Sometimes this is helpfully cause it means he will tell you exactly how he feels but it can also hurt for the exact same reason. They say truth hurts meet my hubby and depending on the day you might understand why. Will this attitude work in BMT we'll see ;)

P and Q are very affectionate kids. Throughout the day I get loved on numerous times whether it be a hug or a sloppy kiss. Also, I hear them at least once a day say to each other "I love you brother". In fact I have nicknamed one of them Buggy cause he tends to be such a cuddle bug.
     Accidental so far this word applies more to the adults in our family rather than the children. M has multiple scars on his body from various accidents. Each one has an accompanying crazy story. He was quite literally dropped on his head as a child and, has the scar to prove it. I only have had one major accident but it was enough that I got a private helicopter ride to primary children's. Does any of this stop us from hiking, four wheeling or any of those other awesome activities absolutely not.
All of the boys are VERY Animated. Facial expressions and dancing are pretty much a part of any and everything we do. When we go to take a picture we have to a nice one and a crazy one simply because that's how they are.   
    Last we are awesome. This word is mainly to keep M happy but I do have to agree that we have some pretty awesome times together. Also, we have EXTREMELY awesome kiddos. They are smart and, so well behaved. We're not sure where they get it from but, we are so very grateful that we get to call them our sons.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Flight Crews ABC'S

Because, there is so little going on at our house most days and in a effort to help you get to know us better I'm going to do an ABC list. Which means every other day I'll write about the letter of the day and the words that start with that letter which best describe our family.  If your interested come back tomorrow and see what words that start with A apply to us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stormin P makes dinner

So after the silly story that is my car (another blog post by itself). I had a Dr. Pepper realized life was ok then, decided "What the heck let the 3 yr old make dinner!" It actually turned out pretty good and EXTREMELY fun. (Big words coming from a mom who hates the kids being under foot in my really small kitchen.) Here are the pictures of P's awesome Ham and Cheese crescents that he made almost all by himself.

Notice the unintentional thumbs up?

He got more excited with every piece of ham

This Chef sure is proud of his work

This is when he realized I had the camera :)
I'd dare say that the cheese was his favorite part. Thanks for cooking with me P after, seeing your excitement and smiles over cooking I'll let you back in the kitchen any day.
What's your favorite job to do with your kids?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, a New Improved version of me

Though, I may be a little bit slower about posting it; I am no different than thousands of other Americans in the fact that, when New Years Eve arrives I try to set some goals for the upcoming year. This year I have set five different goals for myself.
  • Find a stronger testimony of my Savior. 
I have even found this really awesome blog that I think is going to help me with this it is called
Daily Closer To Christ. She has issued a challenge to read all of the Standard Works by the end of the year. It sounds like alot but, really it's only 7 pages a day. If, I can read several novels in a year I should be able to complete this goal no problem.

  • Become more physically fit.
After four years of marriage I am 30lbs heavier than when we started out. Yes, I do realize I've had two kids in the process but, that is still almost ten pounds per year. My goal is to lose at the very least these extra 30 by the time Mr. Air Control graduates from Basic.Hopefully, with proper diet and exercise I can lose 50lbs total this year. Plus, this will include some awesome before and, after pictures.
  • Have a clean home daily.
I'm not sure if it's just the holidays or me being lazy (probably both) but, lately I have noticed that I am horrible at keeping the laundry folded and, put away. I wash it sure no problem ,but then it just gets dumped on the couch to turn into this towering clothes pile. The boys think is great to climb on and slide down cute and funny sure, but no longer clean. I'm hoping to conquer and rid our home of the Laundry Mt. this year.
  • Stick to a budget and add to our savings.
We are pretty good about budgeting with only one problem; we tend to budget until every last penny is spent. Which of course means when something last minute or emergency comes up there is no extra money to take care of it. We have decided that we need to start spending smarter, needs first with VERY few wants mixed in. By doing so we should be able to add to our savings enabling us to take care of problems that might pop up quicker and with less stress.
  • Blog Weekly
I have had a blog for at least three years now and I have done horrible at updating it. My goal is to do at least one Blog update a week. I'm hoping by adding in some new blog ideas that I have found this will be easier, but we shall see. Plus, it will be a little easier since I've recently found the camera adapter again so I can add pictures.

So there you have it some of my goals I hope to achieve this year and how I plan to do so.
What are some of the goals you have set for yourself this year?