Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year, a New Improved version of me

Though, I may be a little bit slower about posting it; I am no different than thousands of other Americans in the fact that, when New Years Eve arrives I try to set some goals for the upcoming year. This year I have set five different goals for myself.
  • Find a stronger testimony of my Savior. 
I have even found this really awesome blog that I think is going to help me with this it is called
Daily Closer To Christ. She has issued a challenge to read all of the Standard Works by the end of the year. It sounds like alot but, really it's only 7 pages a day. If, I can read several novels in a year I should be able to complete this goal no problem.

  • Become more physically fit.
After four years of marriage I am 30lbs heavier than when we started out. Yes, I do realize I've had two kids in the process but, that is still almost ten pounds per year. My goal is to lose at the very least these extra 30 by the time Mr. Air Control graduates from Basic.Hopefully, with proper diet and exercise I can lose 50lbs total this year. Plus, this will include some awesome before and, after pictures.
  • Have a clean home daily.
I'm not sure if it's just the holidays or me being lazy (probably both) but, lately I have noticed that I am horrible at keeping the laundry folded and, put away. I wash it sure no problem ,but then it just gets dumped on the couch to turn into this towering clothes pile. The boys think is great to climb on and slide down cute and funny sure, but no longer clean. I'm hoping to conquer and rid our home of the Laundry Mt. this year.
  • Stick to a budget and add to our savings.
We are pretty good about budgeting with only one problem; we tend to budget until every last penny is spent. Which of course means when something last minute or emergency comes up there is no extra money to take care of it. We have decided that we need to start spending smarter, needs first with VERY few wants mixed in. By doing so we should be able to add to our savings enabling us to take care of problems that might pop up quicker and with less stress.
  • Blog Weekly
I have had a blog for at least three years now and I have done horrible at updating it. My goal is to do at least one Blog update a week. I'm hoping by adding in some new blog ideas that I have found this will be easier, but we shall see. Plus, it will be a little easier since I've recently found the camera adapter again so I can add pictures.

So there you have it some of my goals I hope to achieve this year and how I plan to do so.
What are some of the goals you have set for yourself this year?

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