Saturday, March 31, 2012

Half Way!!

Talked with M for 45 minutes tonight. He's doing really good if we got to talk that long. He mentioned one guy got recycled. He also, said that he has messed up a few times on simple things (starting to get too comfortable maybe). We talked about General Conference and how great it's been so far. He'll get to watch it next week. :) M is excited to for the obstacle course this coming week. I found out that the obstacle course (along with a few other things) aren't required for graduation. It was so great to talk to him today. Best of all was that with such a long phone call we got to actually joke and talk to each other this time. Bring on week 4 the faster we get to May the better.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The letter W

      P and Q love playing in the Water. It's not even officially summer yet and, P is already begging me to get the swimming pool out. They prefer to shower instead of bath. I think the reason they love it so much is cause, they can splash to their hearts content. The best thing about water in my opinion is the weightless feeling that comes with it. I guess they're not the only ones that love water. So, as soon as the days get warm our pool will be up for sure.
      Like most other fruit we love Watermelon. I love the bright colors of this fruit. I also, love that it's not acidic or squishy (like bananas). I love watching my children eating it with giant smiles as juice drips down their chins. The best thing about it is seed wars though. We see who can spit the farthest, fastest, and sometimes we just have seed spitting wars. That last one usually ends badly though. We love everything about this fruit but, it might help that we usually only eat it during summer. When everything is more fun.
      My hair is Wavy. Sadly, it's not the type of wavy that is cute or, that when gel is added becomes curly. It is for this reason that most days my hair is up in a ponytail. When it is down I normally have to straighten and, blow dry it to make it look decent. I have noticed though, that when it is cut shorter the wave tends to be less dramatic. It is for this reason that my hair is now short. Well that and, because people say it makes me look younger.
      P is a very Wakeful child. He is up every morning by about 7. He's normally happy about it too. He is also, the only person in the house that refuses to nap. I'm not sure what it is about this boy and, his constant energy. I just hope he's like this when he's 12.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The letter V

     Somethings that our family truly Values are movie nights together, a car that properly functions, temple blessings and freedom.We value movie night because, it is the one guaranteed time during the week that we can all be together and have fun. A car that runs is important to us because, we haven't always had one. We value temple blessings because, we know that through these blessings we can be together as a family forever. Freedom is important to us because, without freedoms we wouldn't be able to pursue our dreams or, practice our religion. Freedom is also important because, that is what M and, Uncle Squeals (along with many other soldiers) work so hard to protect each day.
      We love Vegetables. My favorite is spinach. M and, P both love corn on the cob. Q's favorite is green beans. It is so much easier to prepare meals since, there really isn't much that we don't like. In fact, I think there are only two veggies that we really don't like. Those would be sweet potatoes and, cabbage. 
      Like most people we have our Vices. I won't take time to delve into our deep dark skeletons cause those would probably, scare most people. I will tell you instead some of our guilty pleasures that you might not already know of. M and, I of course have our drinks Mt. Dew and, Dr. Pepper. P and, Q love bananas. All of us can't seem to resist Subway or, cheese quesadillas. As far as Tv shows go P and, Q love Dora. M's would have to be Dexter. Mine would be Law and Order SVU. Now none of these are too horrible but, like I mentioned we don't want to scare you away.

Monday, March 26, 2012


We got another phone call yesterday from M. He must have done really good this week cause we got to talk for almost 20 minutes. It was so great! M sounds like he is doing even better than the last time he called. We went over to his parents house to share the phone call with them. It was fun for him to talk to Mommy T since, she is retired Air Force. They laughed about M's jobs and, talked about how quickly he can do some of the different jobs. He can make his bed perfectly in 7 minutes!
M also said he is an element leader. Of course we forgot to ask at what though.Being an Element leader just means that he is the best at some part of BMT. M said he is working hard on his sit ups cause they aren't quite up to par. He also talked about how great it is to go to church each week for a little down time. The only torture he mentioned is having to walk past Subway and, Burger King. His two VERY favorite places to eat.
M mentioned that some of the guys are really struggling which makes the TI's harder on all of them. Hopefully, things will get better though as the days go by. Today, is the beginning of WOT 3 (Week Of Training 3) where they will learn all about combat lifesaving. Basically, it's all of the first aid they could ever need while out on the battle field. With all of M's previous jobs he should be amazing at this weeks classes. 39 more days till we get to fly to Texas!!

The letter U

      We are all quite stubborn and, Unbending. Luckily, we tend to agree on most things. However, sometimes we disagree on things. Like when P should go to bed. This usually results in a giant tug of war with P screaming no and, either M or myself having to coax him to bed. We're getting better at it though, by understanding that when it's dark outside then it's time for bed. 
      I feel like our family is very Unique. Some ways we are unique are: all of us are gamers, our boys have uncommon names, we have never lived or traveled much outside of Utah, and we both come from really large families. Hopefully, as we continue on each year there will be more traditions and things in our life together that are unique to us.
      Right now our future seems really Uncertain. We know that we are military but beyond that we don't know much. This whole life style is new to us. We are busy learning new terms. We are also learning what is expected of both the family and the soldier. We are also uncertain as to where we will be stationed at the end of tech school. Even though M seems to be doing great nothing is guaranteed yet making life exciting and nerve wracking.  
     Like most other parents we love our children Unconditionally. Despite the days when I feel like I live in a zoo, I want to pull my hair our, or just simply run away. I wouldn't trade my kiddos for anything. I also love M unconditionally. It would take A LOT to make me walk away from my crazy wonderful Hubby. I'm pretty sure they all feel the same way about me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Totally Awesome Day

       On Saturday we were invited to a birthday for my best friend Jer's daughter. They had the party at a local swimming party. It was alot of fun first, we opened presents. Then, it was cake and ice cream time. She had a Super Mario theme. P thought it was pretty neat. Her daddy did a really great job on the cake. They also tried a really cool idea with the cupcakes. Instead, of muffin tins they filled ice cream cones with cake batter and baked them. After, they decorated them to look like mushrooms. They turned out so cool.
Happy Birthday!!!

Awesome cake!
Mushroom Cupcakes
       Anyways, after all of that was done we got to go swim in the pool. P and Q thought this was just about the best thing ever. There was a water slide in the kiddie pool. The boys of course had to check that out. Q decided going head first was not the best idea. The pool also had lots of different ways of pouring water on people. Both boys wanted to be in the deep end (of course.) So we'll have to see about some swimming lessons. Next, time we go to the pool I'll have to take pictures; I was too worried about them drowning this time.
       After swimming we went over to D's (M's brother) house to play some more. They took us to Mcdonald's for more ice cream and, to play in the play place. Once the boys were bored with that we went to the park. P's and Q's favorite toy at the whole park was the broken merry go round. It would spin but, man was it really hard to push. I think there was too many wood chips stuck in the spinner. After awhile it got cold so we went back to Uncle's house to watch the movie Rio and have some pizza.
       It was really great to spend time with friends and family. P told me that he had a "Totally awesome day today." I have to agree it was a pretty great day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The letter T

       P has a Tiger that he sleeps with. He went to the Zoo with Grandpa E and, at the end of the day Grandpa bought him a stuffed tiger. To my surprise he's slept with it every night since. P doesn't play with stuffed animals much but, this one seems to be his favorite.
       The boys and, I tend to be quite a Tearful bunch. We cry easy and, sometimes over simple stupid things. I cry when things at church stand out to me. I also, tend to cry whenever I see somebody else crying. My favorite cousin happens to be the same way. We made the mistake of sitting by each other at a funeral. Needless, to say we both cried through the whole thing. I'm not a wuss, I'm just very emotionally perceptive.
      Both of the boys are very Thoughtful. They are constantly doing things to help each other. P is very good at watching out for Q. Q in turn is very good at sharing his toys with P. They will notice if I'm doing a chore and, come to help me. Another way they are thoughtful is that they both think and see things in a way I never would. P says things all the time that surprise me. The most recent was when he told me "I want to be a soldier like Daddy." My only guess is that he assumes if, he becomes a soldier too then, he can spend time with Daddy again. Other things he says: "I want to be tall like Grandpa", "Look my plate is a smiley face", and when asked why are you doing such and such "Cause it makes me happy".
      I have become a very Thrifty person. I have not yet become a coupon guru like some people but, I am all about a good deal. We don't buy name brand pretty much ever. I make menus out of what is on sale at nearby stores. M doesn't buy lunch because, I get up and pack one for him. We are big believers in hand me down clothes and, DI sales. Aside from a few appliances most things in our home are used. I just don't see any reason to pay full price for things. Especially, when I can get a used version that is of the same quality for much cheaper.  
      We are Trustworthy. If, I volunteer for something I'm there. When M commits he does it with his whole heart and, he's there til the job is done. P will actually tell me if he's been mean to Q.  As the boys grow we're trying to teach that their word is a contract, binding them to whatever they have agreed to. To me trust is a very important quality that either makes or breaks a person.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures on Base

       Yesterday was a pretty good day. It all started as I talked with a dear friend about all of M's progress in BMT so far. Her husband works on base so she understands alot of what I'm going through. As we were talking I saw the mail lady pull up and put a letter in the box. I totally figured it was a bill since I'd received mail from M two days in a row I didn't think it would be from him. Turns out it wasn't a bill or a letter from M. It was a letter from two missionaries stationed on Lackland AFB. They talked about meeting M at church and enclose with their lovely letter was a picture of. . .  you guessed it my wonderful handsome smiling uniform wearing Hubby. It was so good to see his smiling face.
       However I must say he looks a little silly with a bald head. The boys were immediately smiling and screaming "Look it's DADDY!!" This picture as simple as it is has totally made this easier for them especially since they've have started to ask more and more about where Daddy is and when he gets to come home. I folded it up slightly and put it in a frame so they could carry it around without having to worry. Ever since P and Q have taken turns holding it.
       Then, my wonderful sister in law came to visit with me and helped me conquer laundry mountain. We proceeded to some lunch at McDonald's. It was so great to have her help me but best of all was having some girls time. Thanks for coming to help me chica.
       Finally, we want with Grandma H to explore the local base. Grandma has a military ID so she volunteered to show me where to go to take care of the DEERS forms and all of the Tricare info. After locating the clinic and the customer support offices we went to the commissary and the Bx to explore. I learned that most of my grocery shopping will be cheaper thanks to the commissary. The Bx to me seemed a little bit like being at a Walmart. Some things were cheaper others not so much. The boys thought this whole thing was pretty cool.
       Today, the kiddos and I went to get our military Id's. I was extremely nervous to be on base especial by myself with two wild boys. We pulled up to the gate and the nice guard said "You need to go to the visitors center a get a pass then, come back." So, we went and got our visitor pass then, went back to the gate to enter the base. Once, on base we went over to the old Bx to get our id's. After, our id was all taken care of I went and talked with a Tricare representative to figure out health insurance. Turns out everything is all set up. Which means we can catch up on vaccines for the boys. YAY! Last night was far more interesting but today was the important stuff. I'm glad that it went smoothly, and that we have good health insurance again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The letter S

       We love Sauces with just about everything. The boys won't even eat quesadillas unless they have ranch to dip them in. M has numerous stains on ties and T-shirts from various sauces. Our favorite that we've made up seems to be BBQ and ranch. Simple but really good. It seems to go with just about everything.
       I'm a big believer in being Self reliant. I hate asking for help especially if it has to do with finances. I have become better about it though. We've had many times in the last five years that I've had to be humbled. Throughout, M's various stages of unemployment we have received help from our church and, from the government. Without this help we probably wouldn't have made it. I'm grateful that these programs are available. I'm also thankful for what I learned from these times. I learned ask for help when you need it. I also learned about the importance of food storage and of saving. 
      We all love Singing. We seem to have music on alot of the time. Our boys have also learned to appreciate all kinds of music. My favorite is county, M's favorite is pop rock, P and Q love anything that has a good beat. We also listen to some church music on Sundays. The best thing about this is watching the boys try to sing along to a familiar song and dancing as they do. These family singalongs are quickly becoming some of my favorite memories.
       M loves his Sleep. Now, don't get me wrong most people love their sleep me included. But M LOVES his sleep more than most people. He can easily go to bed at like 9 pm and sleep til noon the next day. Not to mention sometimes he's ready for a nap three hours latter. It's crazy to me how long he can sleep. It used to start fights cause he would sleep too much. I have finally given up on this realizing there's just no way I can win. I love him dearly but sometimes I'd swear his secretly a sloth. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Letter.... The written kind

      More mail came today. This time it was our DEERS paperwork (stuff to get our military Id's). Tucked inside was a letter from M. He said it's been the 10 hardest days ever. He said thanks for supporting him and for giving him so much garbage about always wanting to sleep. (Problem with less sleep at BMT, maybe.) M told us how much he loves us and that he can't wait to see us again. It was short, sweet and to the point. Of course I smiled and cried as I read it a billion times. I'm sure I'll read it a billion more before we're done.
      We each wrote him letters today. Well, I wrote them and the boys traced their hands on them. However we apparently weren't fast enough cause we missed the mail lady. Guess they'll just have to go in tomorrow's mail. Hopefully, he likes them and they help to brighten his day.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tornadoes. . . sure why not

Yes you read that right. Last night there was a tornado warning in Texas. I am worried unlike most other women No. I was actually quite calm. Reason being if there was a natural disaster what better place to be then on a military base. They have bomb shelters and, all sorts of other places and, ways to protect the AB's. Did I pray that M and all the other men there with him would be safe? Of course but, that is simply because, I pray for their safety and happiness everyday. Why mention any of this? Cause I told you I'd write anytime there was something of interest. If you ask me a tornado sounds pretty darn interesting.
On a side note we received graduation info yesterday. I was a little concerned at first cause the wrong name was in the corner of the envelope. The name in the corner only matched M's in one way in that, the first name also started with an M. But, I opened it and the name and, info inside was correct. So, that's all that mattered right? I've only managed to come up with two reasons for all of this. One, M had to borrow another AB's envelopes. Two, the TI's are the ones that mailed everything and they got the envelopes screwed up. Either way a letter is a letter. Plus, it means one step closer to graduation. 6 more weeks to go!!

The letter R

       I love everything about Rain.It seems to make the world look clean again. I also love that it means cuddle time at our house. I'm starting to love the activities that are possible after rain, such as playing in the mud and, of course jumping in puddles. P's expression during all of this is priceless. 
       I feel like sometimes my blog posts are just Ramblings. I tend to just write what's in my head and, sadly that doesn't always come out organized. I noticed this the other day as I wrote a letter to M. My thoughts tend to jump around a lot. Maybe, I'll work on this.
       I'm not one to wear makeup. I tend to go for the Raw look. I'm most comfy in jeans, a t-shirt and my hair up in a bun. Not the most attractive I know. I do put effort into looking nice when I'm going somewhere. (Unless of course it's Walmart or something then who cares.) Makeup however, has just not been my thing. I tried for a while when I was in junior high it just seemed like so much work for something so pointless. Plus, I realized some guys really don't care about it. (Like wonderful Mr. M.)
      All four of us love to Read. I read pretty much anything, M tends to like mysterious fantasy books, P and Q of course love the interactive children's books. We read to the boys at least one story a night. Then, most of the time M and I will retire to our room where we read our books while cuddling. Sometimes we read the same book as each other. The most recent series we read together was The Mortal Instruments. (really good) This summer I'm going to try and, find some short novels that I can read with the boys. We'll see how it goes. Either way I'm just glad we all love books.
      M is a big fan of Relaxing. I enjoy it but it's something I have a very hard time doing. As a result we're both stretching ourselves to benefit the other person. I'm working on letting things go a little bit more and, he's working on worrying more about things.  
      M loves doing Risky things. How so you ask? Well, his thinking spot is a gazebo in somebody's front lawn (trespassing and slightly creeper). Our favorite spot to sit and talk together was atop a farmer's hay bales (trespassing again). He loves to rock climb. He wants to go skydiving. I think my hubby might just be an adrenaline junky. If, it makes him happy and, he can stay alive doing it then, more power to him I suppose.
      Our marriage has no doubt been a Rocky one thus far. Many times we've almost called it quits. I still haven't changed my name it's been that rocky. Our courtship was rocky too. We have come to realize through all of this though, that there is nobody else we'd rather weather the storms with. Nobody, would understand me like he does. Nobody, could love the boys like M. In turn nobody could handle his crazy like me. By the way I'm changing my name in a few weeks (Shh don't tell, it's a graduation surprise for M). Things are getting better and, we're more in love each passing day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Real Phone Call

Ok so apparently I just need to learn to be a little more patient. Just got off the phone with M for the first real phone call! He sounds good. He is in charge of laundry duty for everybody, and Chow call. M said he tries to volunteer for as much as he can cause it seems to make the MTI's happier. He also said the food is surprisingly really good. So far his time for the run is 10 minutes. (which he said isn't too bad.) I also learned that he's not the oldest guy there surprisingly enough. It was so good to talk to him! The boys and I just smiled the whole time. We should get to talk to every Sunday from now on which will make this whole thing a lot easier.

Anxiously Waiting and Counting

     I apologize in advance for how extremely pathetic this post might sound. In all fairness though I promised you honesty. This is honestly how the week has been.
     The first week was pretty easy. The second week has been really hard. I've come to realize just how much I love my Hubby. M really is my best friend. I tell him pretty much everything. We spend lots of time together just doing silly things like gaming, watch tv, or playing with the kiddos. So, you can imagine my frustration when I'll hear something funny and he's not around to laugh with me.
     I cry over the silliest things lately. The other day I walked in P's room to find the boys playing quietly. Of course I cried. I'm honestly starting to wonder if I'm not going crazy. My heart jumps every time the phone rings. I even catch myself hoping that I might see him somewhere.
     The weather has been nice. Nice enough that I decided to take the kiddos to the park. Wouldn't ya know it just happened to be go to the park with your Dad day. Then, last night Q wanted to read a book titled Dad Mine. I think it's clear to me that I'm not the only one missing Daddy.
     Not to mention some BMT wives got phone calls yesterday, I waited all day with the phone nearby hoping that maybe M would call. I worry that the BMT facebook page thinks I'm stalking; them cause I check multiple times a day for new pictures.
     I know I'm not the only that feels this way but I didn't ever anticipate the separation periods being this hard. Don't worry though I'm getting better and We've only got 6 weeks left. On another positive note I got the starter fixed on the car. Now I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me.

The letter Q

     The letter Q at our house is all about this cute boy! Q has been stealthy even before he was born. He was a VERY unexpected and, unplanned baby. Q and P are exactly 18 months apart. Looking back I wouldn't change it but, it has been alot of work  (and tears) to get to this point.
     Q is the type of boy that if he's quiet you need to wonder what mess he's attempting to make. He has been the culprit behind several messes. Plus, he's super smart which means some child locks don't work on this kid.
      Even though he is a troublemaker, Q is equally loving. He is constantly asking for kisses and hugs. Both boys love to cuddle but, Q especially loves it. He thinks it's silly to blow kisses though.
      Like I mentioned before Q is smart. I'm not sure if it's because, he has an older brother or what but, he seems to progress alot faster than other kids his age. He walked and talked quite early. He can count to five and sing to the letter G. Overall, he just catches on to things very quickly.
      Q's very favorite thing in the whole world is music (just like Mommy). He loves to sing and dance. Surprisingly, he can actually carry a tune. Q gets lots of giggles in church cause he loves to sing VERY loud. I love his enthusiasm for music.
       As a parent we all love to see our children progress and grow. I am particularly excited to see how Q develops his talents and, how smart he is academically. He and P compliment each other perfectly. We love our sneaky boy more and more with each passing day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Just like there was lots red on V-day there will be  lots of GREEN today! Green shirts, with green bread for lunch, green eggs and ham for dinner (because it was Dr. Seuss day awhile back). If, I start feeling really brave we might do a green finger painting craft. How are you celebrating? 
Happy Leprechaun day from the Flight Crew

Friday, March 16, 2012

The letter P

      The letter P at our house is obviously, all about Stormin P! He is absolutely ALL boy.  He was a slightly unexpected addition to our family. P has added such a great personality; I don't know how we ever managed without him.
      P is the oldest and he does such a good job at it. He is very protective of Q but, he can be equally bossy to him at times. Q doesn't seem to mind though cause they still play together alot. They are truly each others buddy. Playing cars, reading stories, and exploring the park together.
      Like any kid P loves to play and rough house. He is learning quickly that the bigger boys at the park know how to really play. I'm just hoping it doesn't lead to stitches.
      He is my big helper. P already does a few chores all by himself like unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming and picking up the play room. He loves to help me cook by sprinkling in the spices and dumping in extra ingredients. The best though seems to be mixing. P has become such a good cook that we have let him make dinner pretty much on his own a couple of times now.
      P is Daddy's shadow. He loves to do and, say anything that Daddy does. (BMT has been hard for Daddy's buddy.) P and Daddy play video games, watch movies, build race tracks, dance silly, wrestle, and play rescue heroes together all the time. He loves to cuddle with Daddy. Just like Dad he has to walk around with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders all the time. When it comes to home repairs P is right there handing tools and playing with the drill. This big helper even assisted in changing the oil on the car recently.
      We love him so much and are so proud of all of P's achievements. We can't wait to see all how amazing he will be when he grows up.  With all of his awesome qualities I'm sure he'll move mountains by the time he's done.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Week Down 7 More To Go

    He has been gone for exactly a week today. It feels SO much longer to me. However, it has been very calm and easy so far. P and Q ask multiple times a day "where is Daddy?" or "when is Daddy coming home?" At first these were really hard questions because, it would make me think of how real it was that M isn't here. It has gotten easier though. I simply answer them by saying Daddy is at work and that he'll be home really soon. Then, we normally find the nearest picture and talk about how proud we are of Daddy and all the other soldiers. We got our postcard from M in the mail yesterday. It simply repeated the same information he had told me on the phone.
    I only have three major questions at this point. The first is obvious Is M ok? I know he's not dead and that they're not beating him or anything like that but I still worry about him. The second, Will the rest of his mail arrive ok? Because, we just barely moved he screwed up the address a little on the post card. Now, I worry that any other mail will be screwed up too and might not arrive. Of course, there is no way to tell him or any one else this so I'm stuck waiting and watching. Third, when will I get a phone call? The answer I hope for is SOON.
Other than that we're doing fine.  The boys are happy and healthy. The house is warm and entertaining enough that the days pass fairly quick. We count the days and check the FB page for pictures. We miss him of course but, we'll carry on till we're together again.

The Call

I had heard from others to be prepared for his final phone call. Many warned he would sound horrible and that I'd want to cry. I'm not sure if I was just too tired or, what but when the call came it was not as bad as I had expected. At 4:20 AM my phone rang it was M on the other line informing me that he had made it safely, that I was to contact the American Red Cross in case of emergency, his flight number was such and such, goodbye. He didn't sound horrible, instead he sounded tired, angry and, like he was being watched all of which I'm sure is true. He was tired cause at BMT there is no sleeping in, angry cause he loves his sleep and I'm certain a drill sergeant was watching as he called. The only thing that bummed me out was that he didn't say I love you one last time. For all I know though that could be against the rules.

Swearing In

     The next morning the kiddos and I were up bright an early so we could be to MEPS by 10 am to watch M swear in. When we got there he had just finished eating lunch (He'd been up since 4 am) so, he got to sit with us while we waited. After an hour and half of waiting and, once the children were completely bored out of their mind 
     He was escorted back to swear in. About fifteen minutes later (long enough for them to be put into formation and such) we were led back to the room. We watched as they were all asked are you sure you want to do this and do you understand what a privilege this is? They responded in unison Yes sir.  Then they were led in the proper words to say for the swearing in to become an Airman. It was very cool to watch and gave me the chills as they swore to protect and defend our country against all else. I strongly feel this is something all Americans should have the privilege of witnessing.
     After they had finished we were given time to say our final good byes to M. I knew he'd have his cell phone for a little longer but this was the last time before he got on a plane a flew away that I could hug him. This is when it really sank in.
     After words the boys and I went to lunch with some of M's family. At about 12 pm he started texting me again. Letting me know they were headed to the airport. The next few hours were filled with messages back and forth about how much we loved each other, did the boys understand any of it, did they know Daddy loves them.I could tell reality had hit him too. We did our best to reassure one another and at about 5 he got on the plane and flew away into the snowy night air. Once he had landed he called to let me know he was safe, told me he loved me and that we'd talk soon.

Pre-Basic Training

The day before M actually left we spent most of the day together packing his stuff and just having fun. It seemed to fly by far too quickly. At about 6 pm we set out for the hotel where he would stay the night before processing and swearing in at MEPS the next day. The hotel is about an hour and half away from our new place and he had to be checked in by 8 pm. We made it at exactly 8. You see M is a great driver as long as he isn't distracted. I was trying to find out how to get to MEPS for the program the next morning so of course with me asking questions he got a little confused as to where we were really going. We ended up driving to MEPS not the hotel so, we had to back track to find where we actually needed to be. Then of course since we live in Utah it happens to be construction season. Which, only delayed us a little longer in getting to the hotel. But against all odds we arrived right on time at M's check in location. After dropping M off the boys and I proceeded to find our way home. M called that night and we talked for a bit then it was time to get some sleep and prepare for the next day.

The Basics of Basic

As I mentioned in our letter M is finally at basic training for the Air Force. So, like many other spouses I'm going to navigate as best I can our journey through this time frame. Obviously, I won't be listing any specifics i.e. his flight number, or where he is etc. I won't blog every day about this as most of it is mundane. It will probably be just once a week unless, something exciting has happened. If you've already been through this with your hubby congrats! Feel free to stop reading these posts as they might bore you. Any tips and advice on how to make it through this time are greatly appreciated.  With that said let's march on to the posts about what we've experienced so far.

The letter O

     Children tend to be very observant. It seems every time I turn around P and Q are either repeating or mimicking something. They seem to pick up on even the smallest details. Now I'm not prone to be crude or cursing. However, I have still found there are some things I say and do that I don't want them repeating. They have and are continuing to help me end some of my more visible flaws. 
      I am very obstinate. I'm not sure if it's the debater in me or what.. but, I have found that once I've made a choice, my mind tends to be set no matter what else is said or done.   
      We are quite an odd crew. We do silly things like call each other poopers whether, it be when we're mad or teasing. We quote movies and comedians at odd times. We're silly and strange but it works for us.
      M tends to be offensive. After being together for 5 years I've learned it's not intentional most of the time. What it really tends to be is lack of a filter. Most people know when to say something and when to keep quiet. He seems to not recognize such times. Thankfully, we have developed a language that helps to prevent and sometimes diffuse such situations. It also has it's positive side though. I know that if I ask his opinion he will be 100% honest with me. 
      M is very much an outdoorsy type of guy. He in turn is helping me and the boys to become more this way. He loves to hike, camp, fish, and all sorts of other things. Though, I still will not go camping the snow or bad weather; I am starting to participate in more of these activities with him. The boys love being outdoors especially if it's in the woods exploring with Daddy. 
      All of the boys are very outgoing. They will be friends with anybody quickly. Also, as previously mentioned they'll tell you exactly what they're are thinking about pretty much anything. I actually envy at times their positive outgoing attitudes.

We're back.. With lots of exciting news!

Dear Crew,
I apologize for the VERY long break in posts. We were without internet in our new home but it has been restored so we're back. We have unpacked every box and, moved every piece of furniture into what will be our home for the next 6 or so months. Finally, We have officially sent M off to BMT! I have received the crazy phone call stating don't attempt to contact me and, here is my flight number. (Lots of posts about this to follow.) As of yesterday we also had our very first piece of mail from him. We miss him greatly but, are so very proud and look forward with anticipation to BMT Graduation. So now to continue with the ABC's and also to start a new group of Posts lovingly called the Basics of Basic.