Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tornadoes. . . sure why not

Yes you read that right. Last night there was a tornado warning in Texas. I am worried unlike most other women No. I was actually quite calm. Reason being if there was a natural disaster what better place to be then on a military base. They have bomb shelters and, all sorts of other places and, ways to protect the AB's. Did I pray that M and all the other men there with him would be safe? Of course but, that is simply because, I pray for their safety and happiness everyday. Why mention any of this? Cause I told you I'd write anytime there was something of interest. If you ask me a tornado sounds pretty darn interesting.
On a side note we received graduation info yesterday. I was a little concerned at first cause the wrong name was in the corner of the envelope. The name in the corner only matched M's in one way in that, the first name also started with an M. But, I opened it and the name and, info inside was correct. So, that's all that mattered right? I've only managed to come up with two reasons for all of this. One, M had to borrow another AB's envelopes. Two, the TI's are the ones that mailed everything and they got the envelopes screwed up. Either way a letter is a letter. Plus, it means one step closer to graduation. 6 more weeks to go!!

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