Sunday, March 25, 2012

Totally Awesome Day

       On Saturday we were invited to a birthday for my best friend Jer's daughter. They had the party at a local swimming party. It was alot of fun first, we opened presents. Then, it was cake and ice cream time. She had a Super Mario theme. P thought it was pretty neat. Her daddy did a really great job on the cake. They also tried a really cool idea with the cupcakes. Instead, of muffin tins they filled ice cream cones with cake batter and baked them. After, they decorated them to look like mushrooms. They turned out so cool.
Happy Birthday!!!

Awesome cake!
Mushroom Cupcakes
       Anyways, after all of that was done we got to go swim in the pool. P and Q thought this was just about the best thing ever. There was a water slide in the kiddie pool. The boys of course had to check that out. Q decided going head first was not the best idea. The pool also had lots of different ways of pouring water on people. Both boys wanted to be in the deep end (of course.) So we'll have to see about some swimming lessons. Next, time we go to the pool I'll have to take pictures; I was too worried about them drowning this time.
       After swimming we went over to D's (M's brother) house to play some more. They took us to Mcdonald's for more ice cream and, to play in the play place. Once the boys were bored with that we went to the park. P's and Q's favorite toy at the whole park was the broken merry go round. It would spin but, man was it really hard to push. I think there was too many wood chips stuck in the spinner. After awhile it got cold so we went back to Uncle's house to watch the movie Rio and have some pizza.
       It was really great to spend time with friends and family. P told me that he had a "Totally awesome day today." I have to agree it was a pretty great day.

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