Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Letter.... The written kind

      More mail came today. This time it was our DEERS paperwork (stuff to get our military Id's). Tucked inside was a letter from M. He said it's been the 10 hardest days ever. He said thanks for supporting him and for giving him so much garbage about always wanting to sleep. (Problem with less sleep at BMT, maybe.) M told us how much he loves us and that he can't wait to see us again. It was short, sweet and to the point. Of course I smiled and cried as I read it a billion times. I'm sure I'll read it a billion more before we're done.
      We each wrote him letters today. Well, I wrote them and the boys traced their hands on them. However we apparently weren't fast enough cause we missed the mail lady. Guess they'll just have to go in tomorrow's mail. Hopefully, he likes them and they help to brighten his day.


  1. Was it the 1172 form ?

    1. Yes it was the 1172 DEERS form. Came with some Tricare info too.