Friday, March 23, 2012

Adventures on Base

       Yesterday was a pretty good day. It all started as I talked with a dear friend about all of M's progress in BMT so far. Her husband works on base so she understands alot of what I'm going through. As we were talking I saw the mail lady pull up and put a letter in the box. I totally figured it was a bill since I'd received mail from M two days in a row I didn't think it would be from him. Turns out it wasn't a bill or a letter from M. It was a letter from two missionaries stationed on Lackland AFB. They talked about meeting M at church and enclose with their lovely letter was a picture of. . .  you guessed it my wonderful handsome smiling uniform wearing Hubby. It was so good to see his smiling face.
       However I must say he looks a little silly with a bald head. The boys were immediately smiling and screaming "Look it's DADDY!!" This picture as simple as it is has totally made this easier for them especially since they've have started to ask more and more about where Daddy is and when he gets to come home. I folded it up slightly and put it in a frame so they could carry it around without having to worry. Ever since P and Q have taken turns holding it.
       Then, my wonderful sister in law came to visit with me and helped me conquer laundry mountain. We proceeded to some lunch at McDonald's. It was so great to have her help me but best of all was having some girls time. Thanks for coming to help me chica.
       Finally, we want with Grandma H to explore the local base. Grandma has a military ID so she volunteered to show me where to go to take care of the DEERS forms and all of the Tricare info. After locating the clinic and the customer support offices we went to the commissary and the Bx to explore. I learned that most of my grocery shopping will be cheaper thanks to the commissary. The Bx to me seemed a little bit like being at a Walmart. Some things were cheaper others not so much. The boys thought this whole thing was pretty cool.
       Today, the kiddos and I went to get our military Id's. I was extremely nervous to be on base especial by myself with two wild boys. We pulled up to the gate and the nice guard said "You need to go to the visitors center a get a pass then, come back." So, we went and got our visitor pass then, went back to the gate to enter the base. Once, on base we went over to the old Bx to get our id's. After, our id was all taken care of I went and talked with a Tricare representative to figure out health insurance. Turns out everything is all set up. Which means we can catch up on vaccines for the boys. YAY! Last night was far more interesting but today was the important stuff. I'm glad that it went smoothly, and that we have good health insurance again.

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