Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Week Down 7 More To Go

    He has been gone for exactly a week today. It feels SO much longer to me. However, it has been very calm and easy so far. P and Q ask multiple times a day "where is Daddy?" or "when is Daddy coming home?" At first these were really hard questions because, it would make me think of how real it was that M isn't here. It has gotten easier though. I simply answer them by saying Daddy is at work and that he'll be home really soon. Then, we normally find the nearest picture and talk about how proud we are of Daddy and all the other soldiers. We got our postcard from M in the mail yesterday. It simply repeated the same information he had told me on the phone.
    I only have three major questions at this point. The first is obvious Is M ok? I know he's not dead and that they're not beating him or anything like that but I still worry about him. The second, Will the rest of his mail arrive ok? Because, we just barely moved he screwed up the address a little on the post card. Now, I worry that any other mail will be screwed up too and might not arrive. Of course, there is no way to tell him or any one else this so I'm stuck waiting and watching. Third, when will I get a phone call? The answer I hope for is SOON.
Other than that we're doing fine.  The boys are happy and healthy. The house is warm and entertaining enough that the days pass fairly quick. We count the days and check the FB page for pictures. We miss him of course but, we'll carry on till we're together again.

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