Monday, March 26, 2012


We got another phone call yesterday from M. He must have done really good this week cause we got to talk for almost 20 minutes. It was so great! M sounds like he is doing even better than the last time he called. We went over to his parents house to share the phone call with them. It was fun for him to talk to Mommy T since, she is retired Air Force. They laughed about M's jobs and, talked about how quickly he can do some of the different jobs. He can make his bed perfectly in 7 minutes!
M also said he is an element leader. Of course we forgot to ask at what though.Being an Element leader just means that he is the best at some part of BMT. M said he is working hard on his sit ups cause they aren't quite up to par. He also talked about how great it is to go to church each week for a little down time. The only torture he mentioned is having to walk past Subway and, Burger King. His two VERY favorite places to eat.
M mentioned that some of the guys are really struggling which makes the TI's harder on all of them. Hopefully, things will get better though as the days go by. Today, is the beginning of WOT 3 (Week Of Training 3) where they will learn all about combat lifesaving. Basically, it's all of the first aid they could ever need while out on the battle field. With all of M's previous jobs he should be amazing at this weeks classes. 39 more days till we get to fly to Texas!!

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