Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The letter R

       I love everything about Rain.It seems to make the world look clean again. I also love that it means cuddle time at our house. I'm starting to love the activities that are possible after rain, such as playing in the mud and, of course jumping in puddles. P's expression during all of this is priceless. 
       I feel like sometimes my blog posts are just Ramblings. I tend to just write what's in my head and, sadly that doesn't always come out organized. I noticed this the other day as I wrote a letter to M. My thoughts tend to jump around a lot. Maybe, I'll work on this.
       I'm not one to wear makeup. I tend to go for the Raw look. I'm most comfy in jeans, a t-shirt and my hair up in a bun. Not the most attractive I know. I do put effort into looking nice when I'm going somewhere. (Unless of course it's Walmart or something then who cares.) Makeup however, has just not been my thing. I tried for a while when I was in junior high it just seemed like so much work for something so pointless. Plus, I realized some guys really don't care about it. (Like wonderful Mr. M.)
      All four of us love to Read. I read pretty much anything, M tends to like mysterious fantasy books, P and Q of course love the interactive children's books. We read to the boys at least one story a night. Then, most of the time M and I will retire to our room where we read our books while cuddling. Sometimes we read the same book as each other. The most recent series we read together was The Mortal Instruments. (really good) This summer I'm going to try and, find some short novels that I can read with the boys. We'll see how it goes. Either way I'm just glad we all love books.
      M is a big fan of Relaxing. I enjoy it but it's something I have a very hard time doing. As a result we're both stretching ourselves to benefit the other person. I'm working on letting things go a little bit more and, he's working on worrying more about things.  
      M loves doing Risky things. How so you ask? Well, his thinking spot is a gazebo in somebody's front lawn (trespassing and slightly creeper). Our favorite spot to sit and talk together was atop a farmer's hay bales (trespassing again). He loves to rock climb. He wants to go skydiving. I think my hubby might just be an adrenaline junky. If, it makes him happy and, he can stay alive doing it then, more power to him I suppose.
      Our marriage has no doubt been a Rocky one thus far. Many times we've almost called it quits. I still haven't changed my name it's been that rocky. Our courtship was rocky too. We have come to realize through all of this though, that there is nobody else we'd rather weather the storms with. Nobody, would understand me like he does. Nobody, could love the boys like M. In turn nobody could handle his crazy like me. By the way I'm changing my name in a few weeks (Shh don't tell, it's a graduation surprise for M). Things are getting better and, we're more in love each passing day.

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