Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The letter O

     Children tend to be very observant. It seems every time I turn around P and Q are either repeating or mimicking something. They seem to pick up on even the smallest details. Now I'm not prone to be crude or cursing. However, I have still found there are some things I say and do that I don't want them repeating. They have and are continuing to help me end some of my more visible flaws. 
      I am very obstinate. I'm not sure if it's the debater in me or what.. but, I have found that once I've made a choice, my mind tends to be set no matter what else is said or done.   
      We are quite an odd crew. We do silly things like call each other poopers whether, it be when we're mad or teasing. We quote movies and comedians at odd times. We're silly and strange but it works for us.
      M tends to be offensive. After being together for 5 years I've learned it's not intentional most of the time. What it really tends to be is lack of a filter. Most people know when to say something and when to keep quiet. He seems to not recognize such times. Thankfully, we have developed a language that helps to prevent and sometimes diffuse such situations. It also has it's positive side though. I know that if I ask his opinion he will be 100% honest with me. 
      M is very much an outdoorsy type of guy. He in turn is helping me and the boys to become more this way. He loves to hike, camp, fish, and all sorts of other things. Though, I still will not go camping the snow or bad weather; I am starting to participate in more of these activities with him. The boys love being outdoors especially if it's in the woods exploring with Daddy. 
      All of the boys are very outgoing. They will be friends with anybody quickly. Also, as previously mentioned they'll tell you exactly what they're are thinking about pretty much anything. I actually envy at times their positive outgoing attitudes.

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