Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The letter V

     Somethings that our family truly Values are movie nights together, a car that properly functions, temple blessings and freedom.We value movie night because, it is the one guaranteed time during the week that we can all be together and have fun. A car that runs is important to us because, we haven't always had one. We value temple blessings because, we know that through these blessings we can be together as a family forever. Freedom is important to us because, without freedoms we wouldn't be able to pursue our dreams or, practice our religion. Freedom is also important because, that is what M and, Uncle Squeals (along with many other soldiers) work so hard to protect each day.
      We love Vegetables. My favorite is spinach. M and, P both love corn on the cob. Q's favorite is green beans. It is so much easier to prepare meals since, there really isn't much that we don't like. In fact, I think there are only two veggies that we really don't like. Those would be sweet potatoes and, cabbage. 
      Like most people we have our Vices. I won't take time to delve into our deep dark skeletons cause those would probably, scare most people. I will tell you instead some of our guilty pleasures that you might not already know of. M and, I of course have our drinks Mt. Dew and, Dr. Pepper. P and, Q love bananas. All of us can't seem to resist Subway or, cheese quesadillas. As far as Tv shows go P and, Q love Dora. M's would have to be Dexter. Mine would be Law and Order SVU. Now none of these are too horrible but, like I mentioned we don't want to scare you away.

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