Sunday, March 18, 2012

The letter Q

     The letter Q at our house is all about this cute boy! Q has been stealthy even before he was born. He was a VERY unexpected and, unplanned baby. Q and P are exactly 18 months apart. Looking back I wouldn't change it but, it has been alot of work  (and tears) to get to this point.
     Q is the type of boy that if he's quiet you need to wonder what mess he's attempting to make. He has been the culprit behind several messes. Plus, he's super smart which means some child locks don't work on this kid.
      Even though he is a troublemaker, Q is equally loving. He is constantly asking for kisses and hugs. Both boys love to cuddle but, Q especially loves it. He thinks it's silly to blow kisses though.
      Like I mentioned before Q is smart. I'm not sure if it's because, he has an older brother or what but, he seems to progress alot faster than other kids his age. He walked and talked quite early. He can count to five and sing to the letter G. Overall, he just catches on to things very quickly.
      Q's very favorite thing in the whole world is music (just like Mommy). He loves to sing and dance. Surprisingly, he can actually carry a tune. Q gets lots of giggles in church cause he loves to sing VERY loud. I love his enthusiasm for music.
       As a parent we all love to see our children progress and grow. I am particularly excited to see how Q develops his talents and, how smart he is academically. He and P compliment each other perfectly. We love our sneaky boy more and more with each passing day.

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