Friday, March 30, 2012

The letter W

      P and Q love playing in the Water. It's not even officially summer yet and, P is already begging me to get the swimming pool out. They prefer to shower instead of bath. I think the reason they love it so much is cause, they can splash to their hearts content. The best thing about water in my opinion is the weightless feeling that comes with it. I guess they're not the only ones that love water. So, as soon as the days get warm our pool will be up for sure.
      Like most other fruit we love Watermelon. I love the bright colors of this fruit. I also, love that it's not acidic or squishy (like bananas). I love watching my children eating it with giant smiles as juice drips down their chins. The best thing about it is seed wars though. We see who can spit the farthest, fastest, and sometimes we just have seed spitting wars. That last one usually ends badly though. We love everything about this fruit but, it might help that we usually only eat it during summer. When everything is more fun.
      My hair is Wavy. Sadly, it's not the type of wavy that is cute or, that when gel is added becomes curly. It is for this reason that most days my hair is up in a ponytail. When it is down I normally have to straighten and, blow dry it to make it look decent. I have noticed though, that when it is cut shorter the wave tends to be less dramatic. It is for this reason that my hair is now short. Well that and, because people say it makes me look younger.
      P is a very Wakeful child. He is up every morning by about 7. He's normally happy about it too. He is also, the only person in the house that refuses to nap. I'm not sure what it is about this boy and, his constant energy. I just hope he's like this when he's 12.

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