Thursday, March 22, 2012

The letter S

       We love Sauces with just about everything. The boys won't even eat quesadillas unless they have ranch to dip them in. M has numerous stains on ties and T-shirts from various sauces. Our favorite that we've made up seems to be BBQ and ranch. Simple but really good. It seems to go with just about everything.
       I'm a big believer in being Self reliant. I hate asking for help especially if it has to do with finances. I have become better about it though. We've had many times in the last five years that I've had to be humbled. Throughout, M's various stages of unemployment we have received help from our church and, from the government. Without this help we probably wouldn't have made it. I'm grateful that these programs are available. I'm also thankful for what I learned from these times. I learned ask for help when you need it. I also learned about the importance of food storage and of saving. 
      We all love Singing. We seem to have music on alot of the time. Our boys have also learned to appreciate all kinds of music. My favorite is county, M's favorite is pop rock, P and Q love anything that has a good beat. We also listen to some church music on Sundays. The best thing about this is watching the boys try to sing along to a familiar song and dancing as they do. These family singalongs are quickly becoming some of my favorite memories.
       M loves his Sleep. Now, don't get me wrong most people love their sleep me included. But M LOVES his sleep more than most people. He can easily go to bed at like 9 pm and sleep til noon the next day. Not to mention sometimes he's ready for a nap three hours latter. It's crazy to me how long he can sleep. It used to start fights cause he would sleep too much. I have finally given up on this realizing there's just no way I can win. I love him dearly but sometimes I'd swear his secretly a sloth. 

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