Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Swearing In

     The next morning the kiddos and I were up bright an early so we could be to MEPS by 10 am to watch M swear in. When we got there he had just finished eating lunch (He'd been up since 4 am) so, he got to sit with us while we waited. After an hour and half of waiting and, once the children were completely bored out of their mind 
     He was escorted back to swear in. About fifteen minutes later (long enough for them to be put into formation and such) we were led back to the room. We watched as they were all asked are you sure you want to do this and do you understand what a privilege this is? They responded in unison Yes sir.  Then they were led in the proper words to say for the swearing in to become an Airman. It was very cool to watch and gave me the chills as they swore to protect and defend our country against all else. I strongly feel this is something all Americans should have the privilege of witnessing.
     After they had finished we were given time to say our final good byes to M. I knew he'd have his cell phone for a little longer but this was the last time before he got on a plane a flew away that I could hug him. This is when it really sank in.
     After words the boys and I went to lunch with some of M's family. At about 12 pm he started texting me again. Letting me know they were headed to the airport. The next few hours were filled with messages back and forth about how much we loved each other, did the boys understand any of it, did they know Daddy loves them.I could tell reality had hit him too. We did our best to reassure one another and at about 5 he got on the plane and flew away into the snowy night air. Once he had landed he called to let me know he was safe, told me he loved me and that we'd talk soon.

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