Saturday, March 24, 2012

The letter T

       P has a Tiger that he sleeps with. He went to the Zoo with Grandpa E and, at the end of the day Grandpa bought him a stuffed tiger. To my surprise he's slept with it every night since. P doesn't play with stuffed animals much but, this one seems to be his favorite.
       The boys and, I tend to be quite a Tearful bunch. We cry easy and, sometimes over simple stupid things. I cry when things at church stand out to me. I also, tend to cry whenever I see somebody else crying. My favorite cousin happens to be the same way. We made the mistake of sitting by each other at a funeral. Needless, to say we both cried through the whole thing. I'm not a wuss, I'm just very emotionally perceptive.
      Both of the boys are very Thoughtful. They are constantly doing things to help each other. P is very good at watching out for Q. Q in turn is very good at sharing his toys with P. They will notice if I'm doing a chore and, come to help me. Another way they are thoughtful is that they both think and see things in a way I never would. P says things all the time that surprise me. The most recent was when he told me "I want to be a soldier like Daddy." My only guess is that he assumes if, he becomes a soldier too then, he can spend time with Daddy again. Other things he says: "I want to be tall like Grandpa", "Look my plate is a smiley face", and when asked why are you doing such and such "Cause it makes me happy".
      I have become a very Thrifty person. I have not yet become a coupon guru like some people but, I am all about a good deal. We don't buy name brand pretty much ever. I make menus out of what is on sale at nearby stores. M doesn't buy lunch because, I get up and pack one for him. We are big believers in hand me down clothes and, DI sales. Aside from a few appliances most things in our home are used. I just don't see any reason to pay full price for things. Especially, when I can get a used version that is of the same quality for much cheaper.  
      We are Trustworthy. If, I volunteer for something I'm there. When M commits he does it with his whole heart and, he's there til the job is done. P will actually tell me if he's been mean to Q.  As the boys grow we're trying to teach that their word is a contract, binding them to whatever they have agreed to. To me trust is a very important quality that either makes or breaks a person.

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