Monday, March 26, 2012

The letter U

      We are all quite stubborn and, Unbending. Luckily, we tend to agree on most things. However, sometimes we disagree on things. Like when P should go to bed. This usually results in a giant tug of war with P screaming no and, either M or myself having to coax him to bed. We're getting better at it though, by understanding that when it's dark outside then it's time for bed. 
      I feel like our family is very Unique. Some ways we are unique are: all of us are gamers, our boys have uncommon names, we have never lived or traveled much outside of Utah, and we both come from really large families. Hopefully, as we continue on each year there will be more traditions and things in our life together that are unique to us.
      Right now our future seems really Uncertain. We know that we are military but beyond that we don't know much. This whole life style is new to us. We are busy learning new terms. We are also learning what is expected of both the family and the soldier. We are also uncertain as to where we will be stationed at the end of tech school. Even though M seems to be doing great nothing is guaranteed yet making life exciting and nerve wracking.  
     Like most other parents we love our children Unconditionally. Despite the days when I feel like I live in a zoo, I want to pull my hair our, or just simply run away. I wouldn't trade my kiddos for anything. I also love M unconditionally. It would take A LOT to make me walk away from my crazy wonderful Hubby. I'm pretty sure they all feel the same way about me.

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