Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!

                       I'm one of the silly Mom's that dresses her kids in red and spends the day making all of the food heart shaped. That's right it was heart shaped pancakes for breakfast. They will be having PB&J's cut into the shape a heart for lunch. Dinner will be Pizza which (as you hopefully guessed) will be formed into a heart. Cheesy? Perhaps, but it's been fun to watch them be excited about their food for once. We have spent the morning making homemade valentines with crayons and construction paper for Daddy & Uncle Squeals. We made cookies last night (with frosting). With any luck, I'll find a cute kids movie about valentines to watch tonight. Hope you and yours are doing something great for this lovely day!
             Happy Valentines Day From The Flight Crew!!

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