Friday, February 17, 2012

The letter J

     We Joke a lot at our house. We love comedians. Our favorites are Dane Cook, Christopher Titus and most recently Jeff Dunham. Most of our inside jokes tend to be the punch lines twisted to match real life scenarios. M's dream job is to be a comedian. I personally think he would do AMAZING at it. But, alas he has a bit of stage fright when it comes to this because it is something he wants so very much. Who knows maybe one day he'll work for Wise Guys but for now we'll stick with the military. Not as funny perhaps but tons more stable.  
      P and Q love Jumping. Whether it be on the bed, stairs, couches or floors. I feel like a say a million times a day "get down" or "stop jumping on that." (The one saying my parents would be most proud of is "Knock it off my house is not a jungle gym.") I have a favorite children's book line that says Sometimes that Mother felt like she was living in a zoo. Well lately I feel like that mother and the boys seem to be monkeys. Let's just hope this momma doesn't have to call the doctor anytime soon for the monkeys that keep jumping the bed. (sorry couldn't help myself)
      I feel this next word deserves the background story. I talk to M about all of the posts on our blog before I write them up. Most of the time he has great insight into what I should really say. So this was our conversation last night after laughing at realization that I'd forgotten the letter J.
M: You should do the word Juggling.
C: Juggling? What on earth are you talking about?
M: Think about it. Mom's juggle stuff all the time, Cleaning, Cooking, Kids stuff, for us lately the    move, plus you kinda manage my schedule.
C: I guess you're right. Ok juggling it is.
M: Besides after missing the letter you should at least make this post entertaining to make up for it.   
     Thanks to M, I have realized the job of a parent seems to be a Juggling act. As mom's we take care of the housework, kids, bills and, anything else that might pop up at home. Though I've yet to experience all of it Mil Spouses juggle even more. They juggle trainings, deployments, TDY's, PCS's, and so much more. Fathers do just as much juggling. Men go to work, come home and help with homework, yard work, bills and of course anything else that keeps the family happy. Perhaps this is why multitasking has come about. Because without it we'd fail at juggling it all. 
     This blog has become a type of Journal for me. I used to dread blogging but I have to admit the more I blog the more I love it. I've decided if I never have a million readers I'll at least be happy that the story of my life is written down. Don't get me wrong I LOVE that more people are starting to read it and comment. So keep reading and commenting cause you the reader really are the reason I keep typing all the time.  

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