Friday, February 10, 2012

The letter H

      We're a very Happy bunch most of the time. M's favorite saying is Just let it happen. Basically it means go with the flow and love it.
       Though it is starting to get harder both of the boys tend to be very Helpful. They love to vaccum and unload the dishwasher. However, their most favorite thing to help with is carrying the warm laundry over to the couch to be folded. The only real fight I have when asking them to help is when cleaning up toys.
       I've become very good at making Homemade food. We went through nine months of unemployment this last year. Within that time frame it became cheaper for me to make our bread rather than buy it. Also with the help of the internet I've learned how to make lots of our favorite restaurant foods from scratch. We have grown so used to having homemade food that it's really what we tend to prefer these days. With the help of my new bread maker it's becoming a much easier thing to do. :)
       It seems to me that the three boys in the house are always Hungry. We'll eat a meal and easily 30 minutes later one of them will be perusing the cupboards for something else. I'm more of a late night snacker though. Because of this we're getting better about trying to have healthy foods in the house. So that when we all get the munchies rather than eating our beloved gummy bears we eat an apple or some carrots. It must be starting to sink in to P's head.While at the grocery store he'd been so good that he earned a treat and, my smart boy picked out a green apple as his reward. 

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