Monday, February 6, 2012

The letter F

       I love Frogs. I love them so much that all of our bathroom set has frogs on it (towel's bathmats, toothbrush holder etc.). Some of our kitchen stuff is green too. In fact, even though I didn't make the connection at the time our wedding colors were green and pink lol. I'm not sure what it is about the jumpy green guys but I love em.
       The other thing I love is Fires. Hubby loves to go camping and since he knows that I enjoy a fire he normally will build a bonfire. It makes for a nice combo he can be all outdoorsy while I enjoy the fire.
       Obviously the word Family describes us. We both come from large families and we enjoy spending time with both sides. I'm excited for the boys to get older and really be able to play with all of the cousins. On the other hand it is SO much fun to have time with just our small little family. We love playing board games together or watching a movie. The best ever though is when there is some down time to just go the park and let the boys run wild while we all spend time together.
       We are very Fun loving. If he wasn't going in to the AF some days I swear he could be a comedian. He is always cracking jokes and making people laugh. P and Q quite funny too. They always say or do silly things. In fact, you can tell that P's imagination is really starting to take off. The other day while I was making lunch he picked up his plate (that has three different sections for food) and said "Look Mom, it's a smiley face." I love our small funny family. 

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