Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The letter M

     The most important thing that starts with M in our family is Daddy's name. For safety and privacy I'm obviously not going to tell you what it is. What I will tell you about is how awesome he is.
     The first thing that got my attention was how bold and, confident he is. He and I first met when he came with his best friend (now lovingly called Uncle Squeals by our boys) to a movie night at my apartment. I had previously canned an awesome batch of peaches. I had dished myself a bowl and sat down to eat and, watch the movie when he said "Are those peaches?" I replied "yes" rather hesitantly all the while thinking in my head "why do you ask?" His response was "May I have some?"
      Of course not wanting to be rude I said yes got up and, dished him a bowl too. Upon handing the bowl to him he flashed me the most handsome crooked smile I've ever seen and, said "You can sit by me if you want." So I did which actually surprised us both. I later found out he was totally joking and didn't expect me to take him up on it. I'm so very glad I did though.
      M is handsome, funny, and super smart. He is outdoorsy and, much more active then what I'm used to. Because, of this he constantly encourages me to do and be better at these weaknesses. He is an excellent chef and, a wonderful father. Sometimes, he is so good at playing with the boys that I wonder who is really the kid.  He is very laid back. In fact his motto is "Just let it happen." Meaning don't stress about life just go with the flow of things. M is also very hardworking. He would do absolutely anything to make sure our family is happy and safe. To sum it up M is a terrific guy and I feel so lucky that he has chosen to be with me throughout this journey called Life.

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