Friday, February 17, 2012

The letter L

      I hate being Late. It is my biggest pet peeve. I know it sometimes happens things come up last minute, traffic and other problems occur. Ultimately though, I'll do whatever it takes to be on time to appointments and meetings. If, I know I'm going to be late I most definitely call. In fact I've gotten to where I wake up way early if I have plans simply because, I've learned the days that I seem to have plans, for some reason are also the days that it tends to take the boys at least twice as long to do anything. It must just be Murphy's Law at work.
      M is a  Light weight. No I'm not referring to drinking. I'm literally talking he doesn't weigh much. He is 5'6 and weighs 120 on a good day. When he went to MEPS for processing he barely passed the height and weight requirements. We constantly tease and make jokes about his weight. Don't get me wrong though I love him just the way he is.
     We are super loving. We say I love you all the time. Kisses and hugs are frequent at our house. Despite the fact that we've been married four years, had several fights and, two kids we still act like newlyweds. He is and forever will be the love of my life. As a result of all of this our boys are learning to be super loving too. They are always hugging and kissing on us and other family members. I hope that we can be the example to them of what a good marriage looks like.
      We are members of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We know there is a God in Heaven that He lives and love us. We know that the Savior atoned for our sins and, that because of this we can live again with our Heavenly Father. We know that God still hears and, answers prayers. We know that Joseph Smith did indeed pray and see the Father and the Son in the Sacred Grove; and that he is a Prophet of God. We know that revelation still exists and, occurs daily. We know that each person is entitled to personal revelation. We know that Thomas S. Monson is God's Prophet on the earth today. Finally, we know that by making and keeping sacred covenants we can be a family forever and, return to our Father's presence to have eternal happiness. As a family we invite you that if you don't already know these truths for yourself to begin reading the Book of Mormon and praying to the Lord to know if it is true. If you don't have a Book of Mormon leave a comment and I will send you one. These truths and many others that the church teaches have brought so much happiness to our lives. We are certain it will do the same for you and your family.

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