Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The letter B

        One word that obviously describes our family is Boys. We have two, and sometimes I feel like I'm married to one. Everywhere I look is boy stuff. Growing up I didn't have any brothers for a really long time. So, all of this dirt and noise is still kinda new to me but it is so much fun! Maybe someday we'll have a pink one but as for now there is lots of Blue at our house. 
       We do lots of  Baking. Whether it be dinner or a treat it seems the oven is on at least once a day. The favorite tends to be peanut butter cookies. The best part is that we are both good cooks and this passion appears to be rubbing off on the kiddos.
       I'm pretty much always Barefoot. If I have to go somewhere I wear flip flops. I hate when it finally snows enough that I have to wear real shoes to go anywhere. At home pretty much no shoes or flip flops ever. I'm not sure why it's just my favorite way to be.
           We are so very Blessed. We have friends who struggle with health problems and I've read lots of blog stories about children with health issues. I'm so grateful that we are all healthy and happy. We deal with minor colds and sore throats but really we are pretty much healthy. Both of our cars currently work (knock on wood), we have a warm comfy home to live in, food on the table and a job to pay the bills. This has not always been the case but I'm so very glad that we have these blessings for the moment.
        I have  Blue eyes and so does Stormin P. I'm not so sure about mine but I do know that P has gorgeous blue eyes. I love being able to stare at him and determine his mood depending on how blue they are. The best is when he is excited cause they are as blue as the sky. He's got eyes that the all the little chickies are going to love someday. 
         M and Q are the Brainy ones in the family. M is smart at anything he tries. Q says words most babies don't even think about.He is just like daddy the way he catches on to things so very quickly. Q was fast to learn how to walk and talk. The most impressive is now that big brother is potty trained (YAY) Q is already showing interest. Who knows maybe soon we'll be all done buying diapers at our house.

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