Monday, January 23, 2012

The lettter A

     We are very adaptable all of our moves have been last minute spur of the moment type of things. That is probably why air force life is going to work so well for us because we do everything last minute and rarely have a plan.
     M can be very abrasive. He is one of those people that seems to be born without a filter. Sometimes this is helpfully cause it means he will tell you exactly how he feels but it can also hurt for the exact same reason. They say truth hurts meet my hubby and depending on the day you might understand why. Will this attitude work in BMT we'll see ;)

P and Q are very affectionate kids. Throughout the day I get loved on numerous times whether it be a hug or a sloppy kiss. Also, I hear them at least once a day say to each other "I love you brother". In fact I have nicknamed one of them Buggy cause he tends to be such a cuddle bug.
     Accidental so far this word applies more to the adults in our family rather than the children. M has multiple scars on his body from various accidents. Each one has an accompanying crazy story. He was quite literally dropped on his head as a child and, has the scar to prove it. I only have had one major accident but it was enough that I got a private helicopter ride to primary children's. Does any of this stop us from hiking, four wheeling or any of those other awesome activities absolutely not.
All of the boys are VERY Animated. Facial expressions and dancing are pretty much a part of any and everything we do. When we go to take a picture we have to a nice one and a crazy one simply because that's how they are.   
    Last we are awesome. This word is mainly to keep M happy but I do have to agree that we have some pretty awesome times together. Also, we have EXTREMELY awesome kiddos. They are smart and, so well behaved. We're not sure where they get it from but, we are so very grateful that we get to call them our sons.

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