Monday, January 30, 2012

The letter C

      I'm sorry but the picture was just too tempting I couldn't help it. Anyways on to the letter of the day.
Right now both boys are really big into Coloring. From the second the wake up that is all I hear about is which crayon they want to use.
      We are Crazy but then again what family isn't. In fact I recently found one of my first crafts that I want to do it's an etching that says "Remember as far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family"
      Whether it be how to stretch a dollar or decorate a room all four of us are quite Creative. I love to do different craft projects. For all of the kids birthdays I have decorated a cake for them. Some projects have turned out great others not so much. The fun comes from working on and completing them. The boys have creative imaginations just spend a few minutes in the car with them and you'll know it. (After all zebras live in Ephraim right?) 
       Three things that we can't seem to get rid of at our house is Candy, Meat (Carnivores) and Cheese. We love junk food and treats probably too much. We tend to have something with meat in it for almost every meal and, every time I open the cheese we each have to have a slice before it can be put away again. 
       The final C thing that describes our family is Church going. Now we're not perfect in fact we are a long ways from it. We do however try to attend our church meetings and the temple as much as possible. The boys look forward to Sunday cause they get to go to church and see all of their friends. I love it because I get a break from them and some adult conversation. Not to mention it seems like every ward we have been in so far is just so awesome. Hopefully they feel the same about us.

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