Monday, January 30, 2012

The letter D

       We like most families have a Daily routine. It is probably not the best but, it works for us. Besides, I'm sure it will evolve over time as things change.

        We don't drink strong drinks at our house unless you count Dr. Pepper and Mt. Dew. If you do then, we drink alot and far too often. However, for those who say that we are grinches (because I don't put up the christmas tree or listen to christmas music at all til DEC 1st!) I say you are wrong we celebrate it year round with our red and green cans and outfits. Yes we are that extremist that we have shirts and pajama pants with our drink of choices logo on them
       My kiddos have the cutest Dimpled smiles ever. I'm sure you're sick of hearing how great I think my boys are but they are just too dang cute. Sorry (kinda)
        Finally Dancing, I love music I can't dance worth anything though. M is a great dancer and, thankfully both P and, Q got blessed with his moves. Most of the time there is music on at our house and I love to watch the three of them groove to the beat. Especially, sneaky Q cause he gets this crazy look on his face while he dances. If, you drive by and, see them rockin' it now you know why. It's cause "they've got rhythm."


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