Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stormin P makes dinner

So after the silly story that is my car (another blog post by itself). I had a Dr. Pepper realized life was ok then, decided "What the heck let the 3 yr old make dinner!" It actually turned out pretty good and EXTREMELY fun. (Big words coming from a mom who hates the kids being under foot in my really small kitchen.) Here are the pictures of P's awesome Ham and Cheese crescents that he made almost all by himself.

Notice the unintentional thumbs up?

He got more excited with every piece of ham

This Chef sure is proud of his work

This is when he realized I had the camera :)
I'd dare say that the cheese was his favorite part. Thanks for cooking with me P after, seeing your excitement and smiles over cooking I'll let you back in the kitchen any day.
What's your favorite job to do with your kids?

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