Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

     On Saturday we went to an egg hunt. Because, P and Q were on separate fields Aunt Pepper came to help.  Here they are anxiously waiting for the firetruck to say go.

     After the egg hunt was over we came home to play outside. There was still a little bit of snow left so, they of course had a snow fight.

     Sunday morning the Easter bunny had left us an egg hunt of our own.

      P was very excited to see the eggs all around the house. Q however, was much more interested in gobbling up all the candy as fast as possible.

     The boys stared around the room for a bit before they noticed there were baskets too. They both got some awesome looking suits for church, a couple of  movies and of course more candy.

     After oohing and aahing over how great they would look in their suits they set out to find the eggs.

      By the time there were about ten eggs left Q had finally, eaten enough candy to be motivated enough for egg hunting. I think he found maybe three or four.

     I would say this is by far P's favorite holiday, after all it involves hide & seek and, lots of running. What more does a boy need? Looking at the pictures I'd say the Easter bunny over did it just a bit maybe, less candy and more church clothes next year.

     I told you the suits were awesome! Not sure if you can tell but P's is purple and Q's is blue. Don't they look handsome for church?
     We hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter. We are so grateful for the real reason of  Easter, Our Savior Jesus Christ and for his resurrection. We feel so blessed to know that because of all He did for us we can be a family and live together again some day. 
From the Flight Crew

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