Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter but no call

    Yesterday, I waited patiently (by about 6pm very anxiously) for a phone call from M. He never called :(. I'm trying to stay positive and remember that "no news is good news". It is very hard however, I'm not the only one who didn't receive a call. A few other women said "because calls were so long the weekend before, we might not get a phone call this week." Hopefully, this is the case but, that doesn't stop me from staring at the phone and praying his name shows up on the caller id. 
    On a happy note I got a wonderful letter in the mail today! He sounds really positive. He mentions that they finally got to watch General Conference which, he of course loved. M is starting to sound really excited for my trip to Texas cause he asked alot of questions about it. This past week he helped take a guy to the infirmary, they had another road run, and he continues to work hard on improving his sit ups. Hubby also says thanks for all the letters they're helping him make it through the weeks. 
    Oddly, enough he ends his letter this week with his catch phrase "Just let it happen". Somehow from a billion miles away he still manages to sneak in that phrase on the one day I don't want to hear it :) I guess some things will never change. Perhaps, I should learn how to follow his advice until, then I'll continue to wait by the phone. 

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