Friday, April 27, 2012

National Infertility Week

     You might be saying what on earth do you possibly know about this? The answer however, is lots. We as a family actually know two families that live with infertility. One family is currently on the road to overcoming this hurdle. We pray continuously for this pregnancy to be successful .We pray for this new Mommy and the babies (That's right twin boys) to be healthy and, safe. Another family is still (like countless others) trying to find the answer.
     The second family hits VERY close to home cause, this woman is my best friend. My amazing BFF who is smart, beautiful, talented, funny, and extremely WONDERFUL with children (especially mine)! I love her so much. I would do anything to take this pain and, emptiness from her. (As would her handsome hubby)
     I feel guilty every time I discuss my kiddos, I felt HORRIBLY guilty when I found out I was pregnant. Especially, the second time when I struggled to accept the pregnancy that, she so desperately wanted.  I do know though, that in time (which seems way too far away and, EXTREMELY unfair)  God will answer her prayers and the prayers in her behalf.
     Until, then I ask that you take a moment to offer a prayer for my BFF and all the other women that struggle with infertility. Then, watch this video. I know that many women struggle with these same feelings and, thoughts. Above all else I wish we could all remember that every woman is a strong, beautiful, and talented woman with the ability to conquer anything!

Thanks, Keiko Zow for bringing attention to this and making this awesome video
Also Thanks, to Sabers, Spurs and a Pink Stetson for posting this. (hope you don't mind I'm borrowing it)


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