Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Changing my name

After almost five years of marriage I decided it's probably time to finally, change my last name. (It's a long story just know that I'm justified in not having done it yet.) On Tuesday the boys and I headed to the social security office to change everything. We got there and, waited for our number to be called only to find out I needed the original of my marriage license. Which as luck would have it is in Texas with M (for all the dependent paperwork). Then, we proceeded to the health department that was all of ten minutes away (YAY!) to get an official copy. After which, we went back to the social securities office to finish what we'd started. Once, things were settled there we drove to Farmington to change the name on my drivers license. The boys and, I went in filled out the proper forms. Then, waited again for our number to be called. Well of course me not being used to the new last name signed the papers wrong; which, meant they printed the wrong name on the new card. So, we had to do the process a second time. This time thankfully resulted in the right name.
The poor kiddos were of course totally bored and, frustrated by how much waiting around they had to do that day. I'm gratefully for two angel Grandma's at both locations who helped me entertain them. The first lady chatted with them about different letters and, pictures around the room. The second lady is probably P's new best friend cause she sat and, showed him various pictures of Buzz Lightyear and, Mickey Mouse. Then, she pulled out a measuring tape from her purse and, assisted him in measuring various things around us. All of which measured out to 29 according to P. I don't know these women or their names but I feel SO very blessed that they took time out of what they were doing to bless my children's lives. Don't worry I rewarded my awesome boys with a trip to the park at the end of  all this.
(Oh yeah and don't forget the name change is a surprise for M so SHHHHH don't tell.)

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