Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 Pages!!!

      We received 3 LONG pages from M today!!! He sounds like he is doing awesome! He is REALLY happy that I changed my name. M and his FLT totally rocked the obstacle course. He said the gas chamber was worse the second time. M has really grown to love Sundays and time at church. "I get to relax and think about all the blessings I have and all that is in store for us" I'm so glad that he is growing both in strength and spirit as he is at BMT. (I'm going to get one heck of a man out of this)
      He is doing alot better at drill. M says lots of guys look to him for guidance out on the pad (where they practice). He is up to 32 sit ups (as of the 17th) and only needs to be able to do 42. So, he is doing awesome at PT. (Thank goodness) M is really missing the boys though " Give the boys my love, let them know that Daddy wishes he could read them stories and hug them goodnight" hopefully the pictures I sent will help. Also I found out he was on KP duty (kitchen) last Sunday that's why he didn't call. Funny thing is all of the chores he hates doing at home he has been assigned to at BMT. Maybe it will pay off somehow. He is VERY excited for BEAST week which starts on Monday! :) 
We love you M! GO SLAY THE BEAST!!!
Q and P rockin their new shirts


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