Friday, April 6, 2012

I love mail!

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox to find three envelopes from M. Two were letters and, the third were the guest passes to get on base. The first letter was from quite awhile ago. It was written before he'd even gotten a chance to call home. He talked about having laundry duty and, how he enjoys it because it gives him some time alone to think. He said he was a little sick but, I already know not to worry cause he sounds much better now.
The second letter is much more recent though. M talks about how much he loves getting letters because, they keep him motivated. (Thank you everyone who writes to him) He said the best part of BMT is the road run. The worst is that he's not getting enough sleep. The hardest part for him is during class when he has to fight to stay awake. Finally, M said the letters from the boys were awesome even though they made him cry. (That was secretly my goal)
After reading both of the letters a few times I opened the base passes and, checked them out. They don't look anything like what I expected. I thought they'd look more like movie tickets. Instead, they are big sheets of paper that have our names and, dates printed on them. Along with a little bit of M's info so they know that he is our sponsor.
I love when he writes home. It makes me feel like I can last just a little bit longer. Now, that my trip is booked and, we have the guest passes graduation feels VERY close. I'm so very excited only 28 more days til I get to see my hubby! Also rumor has it we should get two phone calls this weekend because it's a holiday. We'll see if it really happens though.

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