Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Time Fishing!

      A few weeks ago it was free fishing day in Utah. (I LOVE free!) My awesome uncle volunteered to take P and, Q fishing for their very first time! They were both super excited. We tried for a little bit at a nearby pond about, an hour later we hadn't even had a single bite. It was decided that it was time to kinda cheat (only a little bit... Ya gotta catch a fish the first time you go fishing right?) so, we took the boys to a trout farm not too far away.  
     At the trout farm not only can you catch the fish, you can also feed them. The boys both thought this was the coolest thing ever! They would throw a small handful of fish food and, all the trout would jump, splash and, fight for the food.

Q especially  loved it!!

    After, a short time of feeding the fish it was finally time to start catching some. P and, Aunt Handy stuck the pole in and, caught a fish almost instantly.

    He thought it was AWESOME to see the fish flop around but, wanted nothing to do with touching it.


    Next, it was Q's turn to catch a fish. It took him and, Uncle alot longer to catch their fish.

 Ten tries later, they caught one.

   After, a little coaxing Q thought it was kinda neat to touch the fish.
    Then, it was back to feeding the fish again. Over all, it was a pretty great day. Plus, we got to finish it off by eating some yummy grilled fish (we were too busy eating for any pictures).

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