Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ok I think I'm ready...

     A while ago, I wrote a about feeling like I was watching our hopes and, dreams of joining Airforce slip away. I can tell you tonight that dream is still very much alive but, that for time being it's going to be put on hold. M left for BMT March 7th. He was recycled Easter weekend, for failing to complete a PT test. They moved him to another flight and, he was doing great we both really thought he had it in the bag. Then, the Monday before he was set to graduate he failed the PT test again. This time, he was sent to the get fit flight he proceeded to work his butt off and, try to pass the PT test every Tuesday. Every week it was same thing, one failed PT test after another.
     This Tuesday, the conversation was different, ALOT different. We said our hellos as usual, I asked "How are you?" M said "I'm good, I'm coming home." After almost 4 months of BMT, M is finally coming home. He is not graduating, He will not be an Airman, We will not be military. Not right now at least.
     Here's where it gets interesting. I already knew M was coming home.Friday night (the 15th) at almost 1 am, I got a text from my awesome, wonderful, loving friend in Georgia . Her son had just gotten home from BMT as well. She said "My son "Chess" just said that he saw M with an orange armband on Thursday." After, much conversation with both Georgia and Chess; I came to the conclusion that "yes this was the truth M had finally failed BMT and, was coming home."
      I'm SO grateful that she called and told me. I know how much she hesitated but, truthfully I'm grateful that she was strong enough to tell me what I didn't want to hear. Not only to tell me but, to TRULY support me as I grieved. That is a TRUE friend. Because, I had known since Friday I was able to stand strong as my husband told me the bad news. I was able to be excited that we get to see him again.
      I have cried and I am crying as I write this. The emotions of failure are still very raw to both of us. However, we are VERY excited to see each other again. I also know that he is SUPER DUPER excited to see P & Q again. The only news better than the fact that we get to be together again is this.. are you ready I think you're gonna be surprised... in 6 months M can go back and, try BMT again. So Dear Flight Crew that is exactly what we're going to do!
      We are both going to exercise our hearts out and, get in shape. So extremely awesomely in shape that M will be able to pass the PT test on the very first day of BMT. That's right we're giving this our all and, we're going to make this dream a reality. I hope you'll stay with us for the ride. I know it just got a little more crazy but, I think it's going to be a GREAT journey. I'll keep you updated on our exercise progress and, then when M heads back to BMT, I will of course once again keep you posted. It's going to be fun and really hard all at the same time. Any of you exercise gurus out there send me your tips cause, we're gonna need the big guns.Are you ready for our new chapter? "Real PT Starts NOW!"


  1. I kind of knew when there was no facebook post Tuesday and then nothing today that he was coming home. I did not know about the option of going again in 6 months. That is good and I know you both will work so hard. Keep up the good fight - I know you will. Love you, Sandi

  2. That's great that he gets to head back there in 6 months to try again. I wish him all the best in getting ready to go for it again! I definitely recommend working out alongside of your husband, as the buddy system is always great for staying motivated!