Saturday, June 23, 2012

Q's Party!!

    On June 7th our little Q turned 2! (So far no terrible twos... fingers crossed.) I had been waiting, waiting and, waiting to find out what was going on with M. I didn't want to throw a huge party if he, was going to be home two days later.  Finally, last Tuesday after talking with handsome Hubby we decided, I just needed to go ahead and throw a party.

 First we opened some presents. 

P thought he needed some help.

Don't worry Q got ALOT more than four ;)

 This is his Monkey made out of cupcakes. (I thought this would be hard to decorate but, it was actually the easiest cake ever!)
Time to blow out the candles! It was a really cool candle until everybody started singing. He didn't like being the center of attention.

      After the party it was time to check out the chalk and his new Dinosaur. Thanks everybody that came to celebrate. This kid sure is loved by alot of people. 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Q!!! (next year we'll party sooner I promise!)

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