Tuesday, May 29, 2012

7 days and 2 letters

     M called this morning and although, he didn't pass the PT test today; he was only 4 situps away. Do you know what that means?! That next week is GRADUATION!(as long as he passes PT of course) I am SOOO very excited to finally, watch my husband become an Airman!! The rest of the phone call we just talked about the boys and, what they've been up to. We are both feeling happy. This week simply cannot go by fast enough
      I also received 2 letters in the mail today! It feels like Christmas lol. In his letters he talks about what life is like in the "Get Fit Flight". Basically, they work out all day everyday M said the motto is "Get Fit or Go Home!"  He also talks about having a love/hate relationship with exercise. He hates working out but, he loves that he is looking more in shape. In fact he says "I haven't looked this since high school."
      We have both learned to have  a greater appreciation for each other. He constantly refers to me as "the Best Mommy ever". (We all know what I'm really like hahahaha) In my letters to M I have expressed a similar sentiment. I'm so grateful, that he is making this sacrifice for our family. I'm VERY proud of him! I know next week is going to be awesome! As always I'll keep you posted as we continue on this journey. Hopefully very soon, we can switch gears into the Technicalities of Tech school!

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  1. Yaay! I am so excited for you all. And, for us tech school was so much easier than basic.