Monday, May 14, 2012


     First of all I want to say HI to all of my new friends. The MilSpouse Blog Hop was SO awesome! If, you missed go look for the linky on Riding the Rollercoaster's blog. You'll meet some awesome friends and, I guarantee you won't regret it.
     Now, back to what I really want to talk about today. You may be wondering why I'm not jumping up and down screaming only 2 more days!!! The reason is this, M called Saturday (didn't blog cause I was WAY too upset) to inform me that although, he had done great on his written test he had failed the PT test. I'm not sure why my Hubby who is as skinny as a bean pole, can't seem to pass these darn PT tests but, it's really starting to worry me. He gets one more shot today to pass the physical test if, he doesn't pass then, they will recycle him (again). I'm hoping and praying he passes so that we can finally move on to Tech school. Today, I feel surprisingly calm. All weekend I have been upset as to whether he will pass or not. I think I have finally accepted that whatever the Lord wants I will be ok with.
     When talking with family or church friends I would say "God has a plan and I have a plan I just have to hope we have the same plan." Today I can finally say I am ok with God's plan whatever it happens to be. By the end of today, I will know where he wants our family to be. I know God lives and, that he loves me. I know that whatever his plan is it really will be for my good. I have faith in Him to guide this family where we are supposed to be.
     As I was writing this post M called. He has been recycled into a "Get Fit Flight". I'm not sure what this really means and I'm still working on gathering info. Don't worry this isn't the end. We'll conquer BMT eventually in the meantime just pray for Hubby that he will have the strength to do this. I'll keep all of you in the Blogosphere posted as I learn more.

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