Thursday, May 3, 2012

Small things that mean so much

     A letter came in the mail today from my handsome Hubby! I don't know if he planned it this way but, I love that it came today of all the other possible days. For those of you who don't know M's old FLT group graduates today. So, the fact this letter showed up today and, that it says all the awesome loving things that it does REALLY means a lot to me. While, I am excited for all of those Airmen (Wahoo!!!) and their families. Part of me is sad because, we aren't there celebrating with them. Also, I don't get to meet all of my awesome friends who really helped me make it through this whole journey. (I'm sure I've got some friends who can relate. Love you ladies. Don't worry we'll be at graduation soon!) Congratulations Flights 317 & 318 We love you and wish you the best as you "cross into the blue"!! 
     With that said I won't be detailing this letter as much as I normally do. M wrote a lot about sacred thoughts and, moments that pass through his mind as a husband who is away from his family.  (Nothing dirty I promise and, yes he made me cry. Good tears of course.) I will share one thing though M writes "When I'm struggling at times I think of our family then, I overcome it and do better I love you C ." I'm so glad that we are what carries him through.
      He is getting very excited for graduation (as am I). He told me to get to the coin ceremony early; going so far as to detail where to sit in the bleachers :) He must have been really excited for BEAST week cause, he was packed and ready for it on Saturday; I know for a fact they didn't leave til Monday morning lol. Oh how I love that silly man. I'm so grateful for his letters and, calls that keep me motivated. Only a few more weeks till this is all over and, we can move on to tech school!


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  1. My husband told me something similar when he was in basic. He said frequently how whenever he was having a difficult time, he'd look down at his wedding ring and it reminded him of me and gave him the strength and willpower to continue. They sure do say some of the sweetest things in those letters, don't they?