Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Morning!!!

       I woke up at 7:30 this morning to my cell phone ringing it was M! He laughed saying "You aren't up yet?" Anyone who knows our boys knows, they are up as soon as the sun comes up. Today, I guess they chose to sleep in for some reason. I'm so glad they did; for at least 20 minutes it was like I had my Hubby right there next to me in bed talking about plans for the day and, joking together. He is still apologizing today for being sent to the "Get Fit flight". I just told him how much I love him and, that I'm proud of him for toughing all of this out.
      We talked about the boys. I told him about P's new dance moves. How Q has private conversations with his monkey. We also talked about the haircuts that both boys need and all the housework I need to do.
       M told me Happy Mothers Day "thanks for being such an awesome Mom while I'm gone". He talked about life in med hold. Lots of exercising and, on their down time they get to play board games or watch movies. (torture right)
       He has already made a new friend. However, I have to question his choice because I talked to this young man yesterday. Here's the story (sorry it's so long... you can stop reading if I bore you) I called and asked the BMT reception center for M's new address. Before hanging up the kid asked, "what's his name?" I told him. He then asked, "well what is he struggling with?" I replied "situps". This ab responded "alright I'll help him out." I told him, "That would be great I'm his wife I'd owe you big time." Then, I guess the AB and M met yesterday. Upon, meeting the kid said "Yeah, I talked to your mom today." Hubby just laughed and said "My mom is in Brazil, are you sure it wasn't my wife?" The kid responds "No I really think it was your mom." I'm grateful that he has a friend but clearly this new friend needs his ears cleaned. ;) Either way, I'm glad that M sounded much happier today. Hope your morning started out as great as mine.

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  1. Oh the friends they meet when they are away. My husband has had some interesting roommates at MOS school!